The most dedicated archers in Japan!

I want to offer these totally awesome pictures of a snow bound dojo.  While volcanos have gone off in southern Japan, northern Japan has been hit with amazing levels of snow fall, sometimes reaching a height of five meters.  Already there have been 200 snow related deaths in Japan.

So what do you do if you have a dream of making the All Japan Championship and several meters(!) of snow falls on your dojo?  KEEP SHOOTING!!!!

Pictures from Shinjo Kyudo Renmei, Yamagata Perfecture.

First pictures are from Jan. 4th. 


Danny Choo visits the Yashio High School Kyudo Dojo!

Danny Choo is a film and tv producer and presenter.  One of his projects is called Culture Japan where he showcases Japanese pop culture which seems to be whatever Japanese kids are doing today.  As part of Culture Japan he visited a high school kyudo dojo and did an excellent job of capturing the feeling and mood.  And he must have used an expensive camera because the pictures are of very high quality.

Enjoy Danny's visit to Yashio High School Kyudo Dojo!

And the US flag goes Where?

Kyudo USA 2008 was the largest American seminar ever due, in part, from the international participation. Several Canadians attended and three from Argentina (more from Argentina would have come if they could have obtained visas and passports in time). NANKA rolled out the red carpet/shomen by displaying the flags of Canada, Argentina, Japan, the All Nippon Kyudo Federation flag along with the US flag. The intentions were good but the execution was a bit off. As future seminars may have even more international attendance it becomes important to know the US flag code. You can read the highlights of the code here.

2011 EKF Seminar Cancelled.

I was the seminar cooridinator of the first national kyudo seminar in Amercia so I can sympathize with the organizers of the 2011 EKF seminar who were forced to cancel the seminar.  This is a seminar coordinator's worst nightmare.

In America the ANKF (and now the IKYF) have always said a 'test only' seminar is not possible.  A promotional test is only given at the end of a seminar and anyone testing must attend the seminar.  No one can register only for the test.

Dojo in the snow, Nabari City, Mie Prefecture.

From Makoto Nagahuchi san.
Reprinted with permission.

Miyakanojo covered in ash from Shinmoedake volcano.

The Shinmoedake volcano in Miyazaki prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan, has been erupting for several days now. This space picture shows not only the Shinmoedake volcano but shows the location of the city of Miyazaki as well.

For those people who, like me, attended the very first archery seminar for foreigners in the city of Miyakonojo several years ago it is very painful to see the pictures of the city covered in ash and the loss of all the crops in the fields. The ash cannot be just washed away. If water is used the ash becomes mud that would clog an sewer or roof drain so sweeping and shoveling it are the about the only options. Daily news broadcasts from Japan show the effects of the dusk on children and anyone with a breathing problem.
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