2011 EKF Seminar Cancelled.

I was the seminar cooridinator of the first national kyudo seminar in Amercia so I can sympathize with the organizers of the 2011 EKF seminar who were forced to cancel the seminar.  This is a seminar coordinator's worst nightmare.

In America the ANKF (and now the IKYF) have always said a 'test only' seminar is not possible.  A promotional test is only given at the end of a seminar and anyone testing must attend the seminar.  No one can register only for the test.

In Europe that pattern was broken for the first time last year when a volcano test only make up event was offered for those European archers who were prevented from attending the EKF seminar because of the eruption of the Iceland volcano.  And now an effort is being made to have a test only event in Paris this summer so the hundreds of European archers who would normally attend an EKF seminar have a chance to take a promotion test at least once this year.

I hope the French organizers are successful in organizing the test only event and I wonder if this will cause the IKYF to consider relaxing their long standing objections to holding such events in the future.


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