Tribute to, and inspired by, the late great Dr. Benjamin H. Hazard

With the passing of Dr. Benjamin Hazard, whom I first met in September 1979 when he was still doing kyudo, I have been struck at how important Dr. Hazard was in teaching and fostering traditional Japanese martial arts in San Jose, in California, and in America.  In preparing to speak at the memorial service I came across his translation of the Shaho Hassetsu into English in 1975.  Until the English kyohon was published it was the only book many of us had to learn archery and how to shoot correctly.

In the spirit of Dr. Hazard I have published a page devoted to the Shaho Hasstsu Notes.  The tanslator is not listed but I suspect it was Earl Hartman sensei who originally did it.  The importance of this document is that it covers virtually every test question which could be asked at a kyudo promotion test on the subject of the shaho hassetsu.  For example, under Ashibumi it lists three things: distance between the feet, angle of the feet, big toes aligned with the center of the target.  If a test candidate was asked to "explain" ashibumi then that person could not get full credit for their answer if their answer did not mention all three of those items. 

This document covers all the critical things that must be considered during the act of shooting.  I offer this page as a skeleton to flesh out as needed to prepeare for your kyudo written test and I offer it freely as Dr. Hazard offerred his translations.  I hope it benefits archers both known and unknown to me.

Good luck to all of you on your future written tests!

E.Clay Buchanan


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