July 20th Deadline for Registering for the AKR seminar Tournament.

Just a friendly reminder to anyone who wants to participate in the tournament at this year's national seminar the deadline is July 20th.  You can read all about it on the Minnesota tournament web page!

SoCal and NCKF in a joint weekend practice!

Some 30 people gathered in Fullerton in southern California for a two day kyudo workshop.  Several northern Californians drove down for the event which was excellent.  Here are the pictures!

French TV Interviewing A Local Kyudo Group

Unfortunately I don't speak French but the interview looks like it was fun to do!  Thanks to RB for emailing me the link.

Japanology Segment on Kyudo

Peter Barakan hosts an NHK show called Japanology where every week some aspect of Japanese culture is examined.  Someone kindly uploaded the all English version of his segment on kyudo to the web so English speakers can listen to the Japanology segment on Kyudo

Genshiro Inagaki Sensei's Tenouchi films

On "Ken san's" kyudo blog I found another gem.  Closeups of the late Genshiro Inagaki's tenouchi at kai and hanare.  Inagaki sensei was famous as an archer and the page shows pictures of both a much younger Inagaki sensei along with video of him shooting much later in life.

I would like to thank "Ken san's" kyudo blog for a fascinating look at a master's tenouchi.

Something I Miss – An Opinion by Yoshiko Buchanan

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the 62nd All Nippon Kyudo Taikai and test in Kyoto Japan this year, 2011.  The weather was nice, and there were many participants with applications being slightly over 2000 people. 

Lately I have noticed a difference in the location, they no longer use the sinenkandojo but they created a beautiful indoor five shago event facility which was remarkable and impressive and I have much respect for making such an effort to make a martial art facility because in America I have to make a gymnasium dojo just to practice kyudo.

The other new thing I noticed is the blazers worn by the officials.  I noticed that more officials were wearing a blue sports jacket with the ANKF emblem instead of montsuky and hakama which I used to see and which I now miss seeing.  All the participants used to go and see such a prestigious tournament and test (chuoshina) and the judges wore very formal attire.  Some years ago the judges at the chuoshinsa used to wear five mon hoaori the most formal gentlemen’s attire.  With so many people wearing the blue sports jackets now you cannot easily distinguish between a test official and test judges and tournament judges.

Holding the string too long or short, here are the exercises for you!

From an old book called "Kyudo Showa" a Japanese kyudo blog has scanned pictures for release problems from the book.  Solutions for people who hold kai too short or too long.  This is an interesting book for its time as it is using modern technology (photography) to illustrate anatomy and kyudo!