Wow!  Over three hundred participants came to the Paris test only seminar.  This picture is from a facebook album of Johannes Maringer so I hope he doesn't mind if I use it here.  This is a big group of test participants.  And I believe this is the first time the IKYF has ever held a test only event. The event was open to Americans but I don't think any went to Paris for the event.  If any participant wants to write an English report of the event I would love to publish it.  If it was a one day event then I'm assuming there were two shajo and the European kyoshiko judged the lower ranks while the visiting sensei judged the higher ranks but that is just a wild guess on my part.  I would love to hear details of the event.

UPDATE:  A French participant just emailed me more details.
There were 650 testers over a three day period.  This picture is just of the shodan and nidan group!  Here are some details:

The examinations were held over three days.  
The three hanshi 8th dan instructors did all judging.
The instructors were:   Ishikawa, Akiyama and Usami sensei. 
About 650 people came from 21 countries!

Update 2: I'm also hearing that the judges were pretty strict in their judging also.

As a former seminar organizer myself I commend the French organizers successfully holding such a large, multiday event!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I put a few words on this event. Escuse my english, I am french kyudoka. The 3 examination days took place in Paris. 3 8th dan hanshis where here to judge the archers : Ishikawa, Akiyama and Usami senseis. About 650 people came from 21 countries. The picture shows the candidates for 1st and 2nd dan. There was only one shajo, and japanese sensei were the only judges.
We organize next year, around the 23rd july, an international Taikai at the same place and hope to receive the IKYF international taikai on 2014.
Thanks for your work.

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