AKR Seminar Tournament Results

Dear Yoshiko sensei and MNKR,
The AKR 2011 tournament is concluded.  Here is a brief summary of the event.  We had 72 participants, divided into 3 shajo.  We started at 7:00pm, and finished by 8:50pm (and exited the Rec Center at 9:03pm, just 3 minutes over our allotted time).
Winners from B Group (Nidan and below):
#1 Yukiko Itokawa (7 hits)
#2 Audrey Yang (4 hits, and winner of enkin)
#3 Cesar Ortiz Rojas (4 hits)
Winners from A Group (Sandan and above)
#1 Fumiko Takada (5 hits, and winner of enkin)
#2 Eric Ruth (5 hits)
#3 David Boswell (4 hits, and winner of enkin with 2 others with 4 hits)
To keep to the limited timeframe, we eliminated the izume in favor of enkin for all tie breaking.
Each 1st place winner was given a $25 gift certificate to one of the kyudo equipment vendors; 2nd place winners were awarded $15 gift certificates; 3rd place winners were awarded $10 gift certificates. 
The 3rd place winner of the A group donated his winnings back to the AKR; he said it is the way that at his school, the winners give back to the group.  So, the $10 from Sambu will not be cashed by the winner of the certificate.
Thank you for your support for the tournament.


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