Video of Genshiro Inagaki sensei

I was searching Youtube for video of Inagaki Sensei shooting and came across this video which is a selection of videos of his shooting.  The highlight of the video is, I think, at approx. 5:50 where Inagaki sensei removes his kimono and does battlefield style shooting!  In the battlefield shooting, notice how Inagaki sensei does not allow much yugairi (bow turning) at release so he can quickly nock the next arrow.

Why no American rokudan test?

For some time the European Kyudo Federation has had 6th dan (rokudan) tests during their promotional tests while the American national seminar has stopped at renshi (assistant instructor) tests.  This made sense in the beginning of the American seminars but now that renshi godans have appeared in America perhaps the time has come to start offering rokudo dan tests at American national seminars.

The relationship between Shinto and kyudo

In 1996, Dr. Royji Yokyama performed a makiwara sharei at the University of California at Irvine.  Yoshiko and I assisted Dr. Yokoyama in performing the sharei and later Dr. Yokoyama and I exchanged letters where he answered some of my questions about the relationship between Shinto and kyudo.  Mr. Stephen Selby has the letters on his web page and you can read the lengthy exchange on Mr. Selby's website.

this downloadable microsoft word document

Concentration, this student has it.

It is easy to criticize school kyudo students as target bashers but that is not always true.  Take a look at the concentration of this student at a tournament after the 14 second mark:

Zen Archery using western bows and Japanese taihai

If I understand this video correctly, a German teacher has combined Japanese kyudo taihai with western bows to teach Zen Archery.

Beautiful Japanese arrow shooting doll.

Even though the video is cut off the closeup of this arrow shooting doll is fascinating.