The relationship between Shinto and kyudo

In 1996, Dr. Royji Yokyama performed a makiwara sharei at the University of California at Irvine.  Yoshiko and I assisted Dr. Yokoyama in performing the sharei and later Dr. Yokoyama and I exchanged letters where he answered some of my questions about the relationship between Shinto and kyudo.  Mr. Stephen Selby has the letters on his web page and you can read the lengthy exchange on Mr. Selby's website.

this downloadable microsoft word document


Anonymous said...

Interesting ... but I try to see the lengthy exchange; I obtain

You don't have permission to access /japanese/shinto.htm on this server"....

maybe with shinto priest, this work ?

Mr. Mudan said...

Yes, I was recently blessed by a Shinto priest and was able to find a Microsoft Word document of the article. I have updated the link. I am now exploring the relationship between Shinto, Kyudo, and Microsoft Word.

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