Video of Genshiro Inagaki sensei

I was searching Youtube for video of Inagaki Sensei shooting and came across this video which is a selection of videos of his shooting.  The highlight of the video is, I think, at approx. 5:50 where Inagaki sensei removes his kimono and does battlefield style shooting!  In the battlefield shooting, notice how Inagaki sensei does not allow much yugairi (bow turning) at release so he can quickly nock the next arrow.


Anonymous said...


nice to find this little clip here.

Unfortunately there is not much other video footage of Inagaki sensei that is available publicly as I am sure you noticed.

If you are interested though, more video material may be available from Japan and also from Germany.

A lot of material is held at the university of Tsukuba, where Inagaki sensei taught and where his oldest Student Mori Toshio sensei now heads up the kyudo department.
Another way of obtaining video material may be through members of the german kyudo federation or on-line from Dr Roland Pohl:
Written material and audio commentary to video clips are in german of course but there is some high quality video footage available there too.

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