Zen Archery using western bows and Japanese taihai

If I understand this video correctly, a German teacher has combined Japanese kyudo taihai with western bows to teach Zen Archery.


Ni-Tombo said...

This is nonsense. I think it is far behind what ever is ment by Zen Kyudo. Anybody noticed he is wearing a womens hakama?!
It#S a shame what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mark is selling a "zen lifestyle" in his archery courses.
He borrows indiscriminately and without any understanding from Kyudo culture. I would venture the guess that he has had no Kyudo training of any kind.
Mr Mark is not a member of the german Kyudo federation, nor does he have its support in what he is doing. In fact he carefully avoids any mention of "kyudo".
His style of "zen archery" is completely of his own invention.
I wish Mr Mark every success and happyness but I must agree with Ni-Tombo, to me too it is just pretentious twaddle.

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