Gaijin Amai

Sometimes the Japanese can be too kind to foreigners.  I was looking at this video which shows a sensei shooting through a hole in clear plastic which is done in cold climate shooting.  But then the video cuts to a gaijin who clearly has never shot a Japanese bow before.  The sensei in the video has given him a glove and allows him to try shooting into a makiwara.  He misses the makiwara.

Like I said, sometimes the Japanese can be a little too sweet, "amai" to foreigners.

German Kyudo Magazine: Zanshin

I was unaware until today about this German kyudo magazine.
It looks like an actual printed magazine that is also scanned for downloading by subscribers.

To see a small version of the magazine click the link below.  I used to publish a black and white kyudo newsletter so I appreciate how much work is going into a color publication:

Hankyu (half bow) Archery Game

This is a nice video of hankyu archery.  The bows are half the size of regular kyudo bows and the arrows are extremely long.  The arrows have no metal tips, the bamboo is just sanded down to a sharp point.  This is a civilian archery game from long ago and it is nice to see someone still playing it.  I believe the arrows are long to make it easier to control the arrows.  Arrows as long as this won't bounce far if they miss a makiwara for example so the azuchi area can be much smaller than a normal azuchi.