Gaijin Amai

Sometimes the Japanese can be too kind to foreigners.  I was looking at this video which shows a sensei shooting through a hole in clear plastic which is done in cold climate shooting.  But then the video cuts to a gaijin who clearly has never shot a Japanese bow before.  The sensei in the video has given him a glove and allows him to try shooting into a makiwara.  He misses the makiwara.

Like I said, sometimes the Japanese can be a little too sweet, "amai" to foreigners.


Anonymous said...

So what is your point exactly?
No japanese person has ever missed the makiwara?
The teacher has bad judgement?
All gaijin are inept?

There is a tatami mat behind the makiwara in the event an arrow misses.
Use your eyes and stop being so smug.

Sorry to be so blunt.
But your comment is neither clever, nor is it kyudo-like.

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