Hankyu (half bow) Archery Game

This is a nice video of hankyu archery.  The bows are half the size of regular kyudo bows and the arrows are extremely long.  The arrows have no metal tips, the bamboo is just sanded down to a sharp point.  This is a civilian archery game from long ago and it is nice to see someone still playing it.  I believe the arrows are long to make it easier to control the arrows.  Arrows as long as this won't bounce far if they miss a makiwara for example so the azuchi area can be much smaller than a normal azuchi.



Anonymous said...

I have talked to Sambu kyugu (which is where I get my equipment) and they don't know any company making this kind of bow. There's a similar vid in which a hd closeup reveals the half bow being used is made by some manufacturer and of fibreglass.


Do you know who makes this?

Mr. Mudan said...

I don't know who makes the bows but a very long time ago I was at Takahashi archery in Kumamoto and watched an arrow maker sanding down these long arrows. At the time I had no idea what the arrows were used for. Perhaps Takahashi archery can refer you to someone if they aren't making the bows themselves.

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