New European Kyudo Federation web site.

Mr. Zimmermann, the secretary general of the European Kyudo Federation has emailed me a link to the new EKF kyudo web site at: 

The EKF plans to use this web site to increase communication between the EKF member federations.  It is always nice to see another kyudo web site created!

Mr. Stephen Selby on Chinese Archery

Mr. Stephen Selby, the author of the book Chinese Archery, has uploaded videos of his perspective on traditional Chinese Archery:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

And don't forget to visit Mr. Selby's web page at:

Norway Kyudo Federation Article In The November Kyudo Magazine

Congratulations to the Norway Kyudo Federation.  The ANKF Kyudo Magazine, November edition, published an article with pictures: