2012 Kyto Teiki Chuo Shinsa Information

2012 Kyoto Teiki Chuo Shinsa

Sponsored by:     Koeki Zaidanhojin All Nippon Kyudo Federation
Hosted by:        Kyotofu Kyudo Federation
Date:             May 4th, 2012 (Fri) Nanadan and Kyoshi
                  May 5th, 2012 (Sat)      Rokudan and Hachidan
Time:             9:00
Place:            Kyoto Shi Kangyo Kaikan Miyako Messe
                  9-1 Seishoji-Cho, Okazaki, Sakyoku, Kyoto-shi 606-8343
8 Minutes from the Higashiyama station of the subway Tozai line
                  Phone:      075-762-2630
Web Page:         http://www.miyakomesse.jp

Testing Ranks:    Rokudan, Nanadan, Hachidan and Kyoshi
Eligibility: Rokudan / Those who received Godan by 5/5/2011
             Nanadan / Those who received Rokudan by 2011 Kyoto shinsa
             Hachidan / Those who received Nanadan by 2011 Kyoto shinsa
             Kyoshi / Those who received Renshi by May 4th, 2011
Application Dead Line:  Application must arrive ANKF by the 5th of March.

Note:  Read carefully the Chuo Shinsa Remarks
       Your Names, federation, testing category and shooting order # will be
  listed on the 63rd All Nippon Kyudo Taikai program.

To the AKR members:

Those who are planning to attend both the 63rd All Nippon Kyudo Taikai and testing at the 2012 Kyoto Teiki Chuo Shinsa should read the remarks on the events.  Such remarks are in either the Kyudo Magazine or the ANKF web site.
Ask your sensei for help to learn more details of the events.  Make sure to send both your application forms with the required amount test fee. 

Yoshiko Buchanan


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