The first Asia Oceanic Kyudo Seminar has been announced.

As an overseas kyudo practitioner it is wonderful to be informed that the first Asia Oceanic Kyudo Seminar finally takes place.  It was originally planned for last year but because of the earthquake and subsequent incidents forced a postponement of this event.

Details as announced in the January kyudo magazine, page 13:

Sponsored by the International Kyudo Federation and co-sponsored by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation.

Hosted by Iichi ken kyudo federation.

Date: April 13th thru 15th.

A special test will take place on the 16th.

Testing ranks are shodan to roku dan and renshi.


1. New Zealand Federation member.
2. Taiwan Kyudo Association members.
3. Foreign students who are practicing and who belong to the All Nippon Kyudo Federation and are practicing in Japan.
4. Foreign students, not in an official federation may be admitted with consultation.


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