Videos of the All Japan Championship and other info.

From the ANKF web Site, videos of the five finalists in the 2011 All Nippon Kyudo championship.  Note there are six videos, the last video is the best performance award archer:

The following are the videos of the best five archers at the 2011 All Nippon championship.
I hope you enjoy their pretty shooting and it will help your study.
Also from the ANKF kyudo magazine:
Those two sites are the information on the 2012 Kyoto Taikai and 2012 Teiki Chuo Shinsa in Kyoto

Translation summary will follow soon.

Kyoto Taikai schedule information for 2012 Kyoto Taikai

Translation of above information:

The 63rd All Nippon Kyudo Taikai
 (2012 Kyoto Taikai)

Sponsored by      KoekiZaidanHojin All Nippon Kyudo Federation
Hosted by         Kyoto-Fu Kyudo Federation

Date:  May 2nd and 3rd      2nd (Wed.)/ Renshi and Hanshi division
                     3rd (Thu.) / 4th and 5th dan and Renshi division
Place:               Miyakomesse / Kyto-city Kangyokan
                     9-1 Seishojicho, Okazaki, Sakyoku, Kyoto
Pnone: 075-762-2630, 8 minutes from Higashiyama station of the TOZAI line subway
Participation fee:   3000 yen
Dead line:           By the 2nd of April.  Designated application form must    
                     be used (application form is inserted in the Jan.
                     edition of Kyudo Magazine.)  For the AKR members:
                     Your application forms must be signed by your
                     President and sent to the ANKF office directly with
                     the participation fee (3000yen).

Competition:            Kinteki (28m)/ The ANKF Tournament rules will be used
and the shooting style is  five person sitting form. 
Cometition:             Individual
Enbu Devision:          Dan-Holders division (above 4th dan), Renshi division,
                        Kyoshi division and Hanshi division
Competition Devision:   Dan-Holders (4th dan above), Renshi division and
                        Kyoshi division

The registration is at 8:00 and Opening ceremony takes place at 9:30 on the 2nd.  Enbu (hitote) begins at 10:30.  The Enbu begins at 9:00 on the 3rd  Those who hit both arrows can advance to the competition division.  The attire should be wafuku+Hakama or white dogi+hakama+white tabi.

Teiki Chuo Shinsa Kyoto-2012 schedule information:


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