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All of the AKR members who knew Philip Swian sensei (IKR
president) must be sadden to receive the news of his passing away.
I am one of them.  I am sending my deepest sorrow and
condolences to Takako sensei and the members of the Indiana Kyudo
He was the pioneer of the Indiana Kyudo Renmei.
I was acquainted with Phil sensei from 1991 when Takao sensei started kyudo
study and both of them traveled to the first International Kyudo Taikai in
I would like to share with you one of his teachings
to us, which is his fighting spirit.  His first test was at he 1992
Miyakonojo.  His knees were already weak.  His position was Ochi
and that was giving him pain already and on top of that he dropped both arrows
(sorry, Phil sensei).  However his endurance from the pain and how
recovered from the Shitsu was very impressive and moving.  He did "Shitsu
no Shori" remarkably and maintained his composure till the end of his
shooting.  He apologized to us because he thought he had disgraced his
group by his poor performance.  Of course he did not disgrace anyone but
showed his spirit to be a Kyushi (弓士).  Such his spirit was shown at
seminars.  He tried very hard to stay in Kiza position in spite of
his weak knees, which displayed a good example of making efforts.
The 2008 American Seminar was the last national event for
all of us to work with Phil sensei.   
His passing is a great loss to all of us but I believe that his inspiration and his spirit must remain as the IKR's tradition and such a tradition keeps helping and supporting the growth of
the IKR.  
He will be greatly missed.
Yoshiko Buchanan, AKR President

Passing of Philip Swain sensei

Received March 26, 2012

Dear AKR President and Renmei President

I am deeply sorry to inform you that Mr. Philip Swain,
President of Indiana Kyudo Renmei passed away this morning.

Funeral ceremony will be held at Porter Funeral Home between
3 to 7 PM at 315 West Main Street Jamestown, IN 46147.

On behalf of Takako-Sensei we would like to express our
sincere appreciation for all of your support throughout the


Ken Tanahara

- Editor's note, Swain sensei's obituary is on the funeral home's web page and
it gives the date of the funeral as this coming Friday with visitation starting on Thursday.


The American 2012 web site is now up!


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