IKYF 2012 events from the Kyudo Magazine

From the May 2012 edition of the Kyudo magazine page 26:
International Kyudo New Information
IKYF agenda for fiscal year 2012 introduces four large events:
1)      EKF seminar, Paris, July 15 to July 23.  Including a prerehearsal for the IKYF taikai in 2014.
2)      American Kyudo Seminar 2012, Aug 13 thru Aug 16 with test on Aug. 17.
3)      Special overseas students seminar.  Tokyo, Oct 30 thru Nov 2nd.  (Details to be informed later).
4)      Special overseas students seminar, Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, Feb. 5 thru Feb 8.
5)      Commemorating 60 years of diplomatic relations between India and Japan.
Related events are given by the Nihon Budokan and the Japan Budo Association.
Nov 1 to Nov 5 in India.  New Deli. In the Gandhi stadium.  The Budo seminar will be arranged during the event.


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