For Dojo Heads!

From The AKR

There was an accident at the kyudojo of the Hamamatsu City High School on the 2nd of December, 2012.  The arrow that was shot by a male student hit a head of a girl who was inside of the left “Kantekishi (arrow watch room)”. Her right skull was fractured.  She is critical but alive.

The Kantekisho has a window and she was watching hits and misses but the arrow shot through the window (70cm x 60cm) of the kantekisho and hit her right forehead.  However the police is investigating if the window was closed or not at that time.  They have a rule to keep closing the window while practice.

I would like to alert your attention to this accident and reassure your safety rules and methods while practice; safety confirmation between shajo and azuchi, assurance of the area of yatori person(s) waiting, displaying a red flag(s) and all the necessary precautions


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