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GoPro camera used for Kyudo shot

The Brazil Kyudo Kai posted a facebook link to an interesting video from the Ritsumeikan University's Kyudo Club.  The club used a GoPro mobile camera to video a kyudo shot from the perspective of the archer!  First time I've seen that:

Yabusame too!


Morinaga sensei, Hanshi, 10th-dan

From a facebook posting by Howard Houng:

This is from the March issue of the Kyudo Magazine. Last year, Morinaga-sensei (Hanshi 10th-dan) passed away at the age of 101. He said "The purpose in life is that there is a tomorrow." What he meant by "tomorrow" was that there was a another day to able to shoot. He shot until the age of 98. I highly respect him as he is an inspiration during my practices. May he rest in peace.