Results from the 12th EKF Taikai May 25 & 26

The Kyudo Renmei Nederland has just posted the results of the 12th EKF Taikai!  Congratulations to team Germany 1 and Patricia Stalder of France in the individual competition!

IKYF Web Page For Member Countries

The IKYF has a great new page for IKYF member countries.  All the info that was previously published in various editions of the kyudo magazine are now on one web page:

Uh oh! Man hit by beginner's arrow in Ibaraki, Japan! (Updated)

(Update - Yoshiko thinks this is probably a western archery student)

Man hit by arrow while walking in garden in Ibaraki

A man was struck by an arrow while walking in a garden alongside an archery ground in Inashiki, Ibaraki Prefecture, police said Sunday.
According to police, the incident happened at Potiron no Mori farm which is part of Edosaki Agricultiural Park, at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday. TBS reported that a 33-year-old man was strolling in a garden when an arrow came flying over a fence from the archery ground and struck him in his right arm. The man was taken to hospital but released later Saturday with only minor injuries, police said.
According to park officials, the arrow came from a beginner who was learning the basics of archery. 
Japan Today