Nice overview of Yabusame

This older film has many interesting details of Yabusame.  One correction, not all yabusame archers are Shinto priests!

2013 AKR Kyudo Taikai

Please see the invitation to the 2013 AKR Kyudo Taikai.

Date: Tuesday, July 30
Location: USC Upstate University, Spartanburg, SC
Time: 6:30-9:00pm
Attire: Dōgi

Prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring individuals in A and B groups.

We hope you will join us!

Advance registration online is required to participate in the Taikai.

Fundraiser for Shibata Kanjuro Sensei at Zenko:

From Mr. Jaap Koppendrayer via Facebook:
For those of you who have been students of Sensei Shibata or remember him from the International Horse Archery Festivals at Ft Dodge or who is a kyudo practitioner or does another form of traditional archery or values traditional teachers, there is a fund-raising effort afoot to help provide care for Sensei as he moves further into his 9th decade. More information can be found at the following link:
 On June 7th, 2013 Sensei offered a closing ceremony for the Children's Dharma Camp in Lafayette, Colorado

Film of a Zenko International kyudo workshop

Speaking of nice filming, this film of a Zenko International kyudo workshop is very well done.  Although the chief instructor is Shibata Kanjuro XX extensive film time is given to his student, and bowmaker, Don Symanski sensei.  Especially nice are the segments of Symanski sensei actually making bamboo bows.

French TV report on a Kyudo dojo

French TV did a very nice segment on kyudo featuring Erick Moisy sensei and his dojo.  Sadly I speak no French but you can see the broadcaster did a well photographed feature on the dojo.

New Kyudo book in Russian!

In a recent facebook posting Ms. Elena Akimova (who has one of the cutest facebook profile pictures ever) has teamed with Oleg Akimov to publish what could be the first kyudo book in Russian.  Apparently the book is formatted for reading and for quick reference.  No doubt that will be handy for Russians taking their first kyudo written test!
I never knew the word KYUDO looked so cool in 


South African dojo near completion!

The only thing I knew about Jade Clayton Fraundorfer was a youtube video where, behind him, you could see a dojo under construction.  Well, Mr. Fraundorfer has been posting pictures of the nearly completed dojo to facebook and it is a LARGE dojo.  On the South African Kyudo Renmei web page there are pictures of the dojo which you can see here:

This dojo took years to build and is clearly a labor of love.  I love the sliding glass doors facing the azuchi.  It is so rare to see such dojos in the kyudo wilderness that I thought this one needed some special recognition!