Awesome kyudo dojo frame design in Tokyo!

This magazine article was brought to my attention on facebook:


Marcus Bosset teaching kyudo in Long Beach, California.

Mr. Marcus Bosset is teaching kyudo as one of several programs offered through the University of Archery in Long Beach, California.

He is also active on facebook.  Look for the group:

"Kyudo Group forming in Long Beach".

Beautiful web page for the 2014 Kyudo World Cup!

Nice photos from the 1° Workshop de Kyudo de Vitória!

Urgent message for Overseas Shogo Seminar Participants who want to test!

The deadline of the Special Overseas Shogo Seminar in Tokyo is October 11th,  HOWEVER, those of you wanting to take a test at the "Tokyo Teiki Chuo Shinsa" have an urgent deadline approaching.  The Tokyo Teiki Chuo Shinsa deadline is SEPTEMBER 9TH.  You have just 5 days left for the dead line of that test!!!!

Good Luck!

Pictures from the 2012 International Shogo seminar in Japan.

Nice stop action pictures of a yabusame demonstration!

There are some really good horse in motion, arrow in flight, pictures of a yabusame demonstration here.  Really exciting pictures.  And pictures of women riders too.

Fall Godogeiko for Northern and Southern California renmei members will be Oct. 5 thru 6 in Alameda, CA.

Fall Godogeiko 

The Fall Godo Geiko will be held Oct 5-6 in Alameda, CA. Please let your students know about this upcoming event. An online registration link will be sent out in about a week, to give those planning the event to explore lunch options.

We will have space for 10 targets in the Alameda gym. Alameda is in the East Bay Area. We will have 2 days of practice and a tournament. The event is open to any NCKF or SoCalKR members.

We look forward to participation my as many students as possible!

Please share this message with your students. The registration link will be coming soon.

Maria Peterson
NCKF President