Where to shoot in a makiwara

Many of us do Makiwara practice.  This video explains how to view the target as if you were shooting at 28m on your Makiwara.  It is introduced by Urakami Hiroko sensei in her book and Matsuo sensei (Budo University) has made an instruction video.  We certainly can see it at our Makiwara practice.

Note that in a proper makiwara shot the arrow will NOT hit the little target on the makiwara.

Kyudo in Sri Lanka!

Yes, there is kyudo in Sri Lanka:


Those of you on facebook should visit their facebook page:


Why are you in Japan? Yabusame edition.


Kyudo webpage of Lithuania!

I want to draw attention to a very well designed kyudo web page in

Lithuania.  The web page has a nice modern look:


The photo gallery is well done:


But what really caught my eye was the outstanding links page:


There are some handy links there.  For example, want to see an animated demonstration of shitsu recovery?
They link to it:


Definitely a webpage worth praising.

Death of Jackson Morisawa sensei.

Dr. Kushner announced on facebook that Jackson Morisawa sensei has passed away.  I am very sad to hear that as I, along with many other people, read the book 'The Secret of the Target' and enjoyed it.  The kyudo community is certainly receiving bad news in a bunch this Autumn.

"I am saddened to announce the death of Jackson Morisawa. Morisawa Sensei was the founder of the Chozen-ji School of Kyudo and the author of The Secret of Target. He was 92."