IKYF Paris 2014 Seminar and Taikai Schedule

I can see that, by this schedule for the Paris 2014 seminar and Tai Kai, the IKYF is trying to enhance the teaching at seminars by dividing them by language.  But, I can't help but notice that some language groups will have to wait around Paris for some time before the Tai Kai or the IKYF meeting.  That is great if you have the money and time to do it.  But previous seminar and Tai Kai schedules were more convenient in that the lower rank seminar was first, followed by the Tai Kai, followed by the upper rank seminar.  This allowed lower rank participants to just stay one extra day or upper rank participants to come one day early to attend the Tai Kai.  I suspect this schedule will discourage some groups from participating in the Tai Kai or the IKYF business meeting as they don't have the money or vacation time to spend extra days in Paris.


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