Paris 2014 Seminar and Taikai web page

It is possible that some people do no know that a very nicely designed web page has been created for the 2014 Paris Seminar and Taikai.  Check it out:

IKYF documents for the 2014 Paris Shinsa published on the AKR web site.

The IKYF has emailed various documents out to all federations detailing the 2014 Seminar and Test in Paris.  

This additional email is from AKR president Yoshiko Buchanan:
The ANKF office has given the questions for the written test.  They are not examples, they are the REAL test questions.  This is a take home test.  Testing students must write their answer and bring it to the seminar.  They have to turn their answer sheet in at seminar registration.  (I have confirmed this with the ANKF office.)  They also have to use the given answer sheet that is supplied as one emailed files.

The documents can be found on the American Kyudo Renmei website here:

AKR Update 2013 June edition (IKYF info)

Dear All,
I hope this will find all of you and your members are doing well and getting ready for attending the up coming seminar in SC.
Here are more information for you.  This update is particularly for the state federation presidents to share the information to your students/members who have assignments at the seminar.    There is a month for those who are assigned to practice their parts.  I would like to ask all the teachers to help them to perform their part as correctly as possible.
4)    IKYF ID#:   The IKYF has issued ID#s based on the AKR roster as of Dec.. 31, 2012.   Those ID#s have been distributed to each federation (president).   I would like to ask all the federation presidents to provide those ID#s to your members.  Actual ID cards will be brought to the seminar by Ms. <deleted> and each federation president will receive the card accordingly.   Needless to say those individual members are responsible to keep their own # for its use, like taking test and other events.
Note: IKYF/ANKF, in general, it charges the renewal fee (1000 yen/year) as long as you keep taking tests (when you take test the ID# should be valid).   However, at this point, the office has not decided how to collect our renewal fees.    Since Ms. <deleted> (in charge of the IKYF/ANKF accounting) is coming to the seminar our renewal fees might be collected during the seminar.
5)    Translator's "Goroku/ phrases" is finished:  <deleted>
This is all for now.  The AKR  office will keep you informed.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Yoshiko Buchanan

AKR Update 2013 November edition (IKYF info)

Dear AKR Federation Presidents and  Representatives,
I hope this will find you and your members are doing well.  I am glad to send to you all, the November AKR Update.  There are 10 articles.
(1)  Report on and summary on the 3rd Overseas Special Seminar:  Please see the attached file for details.  It was written based on my notes which is absolutely my understanding.  I tried to be correct and objective to write but there may be some misunderstanding and some description may be miss-leading or obscure.  If you find any question about my writing please feel free to ask.  I will try my best to answer your question.
(2)  2015 seminar location:   <deleted>
(3)  Distributing the "Beginner Instruction Guide Line":  <deleted>
(4)   How to view the target at Makiwara practice:   Many of us do Makiwara practice.  This video explains how to view the target as if you were shooting at 28m on your Makiwara.  It is introduced by Urakami Hiroko sensei in her book and Matsuo sensei (Budo University) has made an instruction video.  We certainly can see it at our Makiwara practice.
(5) Creating examples of the test application forms :  <deleted>

(6) Guideline of posting images:    As I mentioned in the seminar report the IKYF/ANKF office is restricting the posting of photos of the Royal Family members.  While meeting with the officials Miike san (one of them) advised that when we post either individual photos of teachers or group photos we should clarify where the photos were taken. 
(7) 2014 IKYF Taikai and Seminars:     There were meetings between the IKYF/ANKF office and the French representatives but no new information was given officially.
At this point only the date of the Taikai, the 19th and 20th, is definitely decided.  We will be informed as details of the event are decided
(8) 2014 Asia Oceanic Seminar:  The members of the Asia/Oceanic group will definitely be invited to the 2014 seminar in Nagoya again.  However if other IKYF members are invited or not is not definite yet at this point.  The IKYF office is seeking the possibility to invite members from the other regions right now.  We will be informed as it is decided. 

(9) Protocol for Raiki/Shagi and Shahokun recitation:   There was a question about how to conduct the Raiki/shagi and Shahokun recitation.  I always wanted to make sure to conduct this job properly and asked the ANKF office.  They said "The seminar teacher could instruct."  but it did not happen at the <deleted> seminar.  The same question was asked by one of the <deleted> members and I asked the ANKF office again while I was in Tokyo. 
I would like to deliver their answer and my advice as an example that you may apply.
The ANKF office says "Do it with your common sense".  So my advice is that we have to use our common sense.  We have to realize that there is not a "Must do manual".  We have to use our best judgment that we have studied to perform many different areas like recitation, sharei and other taihai. 
So, I think the protocol of recitation is (1) to walk up to the area of the officials then bow to Shomen.  (2) Bow to teachers (teachers are usually lined up on the left side of the assembly)  (2) Advance to the position to sit down.  (3) Call "Seiza" to sit down.  (4) perform Yu then begin recitation. (5) When it is finished perform Yu then call "Kiritsu" to stand up. (5) Back up to the position where  the bow was performed then bow to shomen and teachers.   (6) Return to your position at the line or row of the assembly.
This is a minimum instruction and modification should be added as needed.  We really have to use what we have studied.
(10) Others from the meeting with the ANKF officials:  <deleted>
This is all for now.  I will keep issuing updates possibly monthly.
Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.
Yoshiko  Buchanan
AKR President

AKR Update 2013 December edition (IKYF info)

Wising All of You a Peaceful and Joyful Holiday Season
A Very Gracious New Year to Come!

Dear AKR Federation Presidents and Representatives,
This is the last AKR Update in 2013.  I would like to thank the AKR officers, federation presidents, representatives, IKYF directors and all the AKR members for their work and support in 2013.  Kyudo has been seen globally through the internet and there is more interest to study kyudo in both Central and South America.  The AKR instructors have greater responsibility than before.  The IKYF is offering three shogo seminars a year and even opens an opportunity for us to attend the Asia Oceanic Kyudo Seminar.  We are expected to help to improve the quality of Kyudo in the US and to deliver the correct Kyudo foundation to our new kyudo friends overseas.   I would like to support and help the AKR instructors in many ways and hope this AKR Update can be a part of it.
Yoshiko Buchanan, AKR president
Dec. 31, 2013

1)   IKYF Related Events: 
      (a)    <deleted>
      (b)    ANKF test fee revised.  We have to pay a TAX  and the updated fees are as follows:  The listed fees are the copies of the original ANKF information:
               【Current】  【Adjusted】
Seminar Fee          12,000JPY  → 12,300JPY
Shinsa Examination 
                               Shodan 2,000JPY  →  2,050JPY
            Nidan 3,000JPY   3,100JPY 
             Sandan  4,000JPY  →  4,100JPY
             Yondan  5,000JPY  →  5,100JPY
            Godan 6,000JPY  →  6,200JPY
            Rokudan  7,000JPY  →  7,200JPY
            Renshi  6,000JPY  →  6,200JPY
       (c)        <deleted>
  The Asia Oceanic Kyudo Semianr and 2014 Taikai and  Seminar application have been                                  released and the Excel application form is attached.  Please see the file and send it back to <deleted> sensei in time.
                    The test application deadline is:   Jan. 30th, 2014, for the Asia Oceanic Kyudo Seminar and  April 25th, 2014, for the test at the 2014 IKYF Paris Taikai .  Test
                    applications must be signed by the federation president and sent to the AKR president.  The AKR president will compile all the application forms and send them to the
                     ANKF office.  (The IKYF official deadlines are Feb 18th for AOKS and May 13th for the Paris Taikai/Seminar/Shinsa.)
                    Test fees and seminar fees:  Both of the test fees and seminar fees will be paid by the AKR in advance.  The AKR treasurer will caculate the exact amount per person                     after  the actual payment  is done and then he will collect from the individuals.  Please pay to the AKR upon the notice of the amount you owe to the AKR. 


AKR Update 2014 Janurary edition (IKYF info)

              " HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! "
I hope all of you and your members enjoyed your holidays and getting back to your life in 2014 with cheer.
I have the following:
a) Shogo special Seminar-Nagoya, 2014:   Unfortunately there will be no US shogos at this seminar.
b)  There will be around 21 AKR members who are planning to attend the 3rd Asia Oceania Kyudo Seminar in Nagoya, April 2014.  The dead line of their test application has been closed.   The attendees are: Brasil/2, Mexico/1, NCKF/6, SoCKR/3, SCKR/1 and VKR/8  Good luck to all of the participants!!
c) 2014 Paris Taikai
I would like to share this hotel info. with those who are planning to attend the 2014 KYF Paris Taikai.  (I obtained this info. personally.)
1) Hotel Beauvoir  ☆☆☆  (50 meters away (closest) but small rooms)

2)Hotel Pierre Nicole  ☆☆☆  (5 min)

3) Hotel Novanox  ☆☆☆  (5 min)

4) Hotel des Mines ☆☆ (7 min)
d)    New Test Fee:    The new test fee will be applied from the fiscal year of 2014, which starts from APRIL 1ST OF 2014. Those who take tests in Japan by the end of the 31st of March, 2014 should pay the current test fees.
e)    The test application of the shinsa at the 2014 Asia Oceanic Kyudo Seminar  has been closed.  Good luck with your training to those who try the exam!
As you were already informed the AKR has paid their expenses for their convenience.  Andrew will calculate the individual remittance fee then send an invoice to those who owe to the AKR.  You are requested to remind them to pay the amount that they owe promptly once it is notified by the AKR treasurer.
f)    <deleted>.  I will instruct another seminar in San Paolo, Brazil, in April.
2)    2015 / 2016 IKYF Seminars with the AKR
3)     The Huston Japan Fest:    <deleted>
4)    2013 IKYF Kyudo Seminar - SC examination certificates:
The examination certificates of those who passed the 2013 Shinsa at SC Seminar have been sent.  I hope all the federation presidents received them.  I appreciate it if you simply acknowledge your receipt.  Those certificates are precious and I would like to be sure those certificates reach the students.
5)    2013 AKR Roster:
Jan. 31st, 2014
Yoshiko Buchanan

AKR Update 2014 February edition (IKYF info)

AKR Update 2014Feb. Edition

I hope this will find all of the AKR members in good spirits and in good health.
Some of you are still in winter weather but some of you may have spring flowers already.  California (San Jose) finally is having some rain  the last three days.    However, most probably we will have a serious draught this summer. 
1)    From the AKR:
2)    From the IKYF/ANKF:
a)    Chuo Shinsa info.:  For your reference, the Chuo Shinsa Schedule format on the IKYF homepage was updated in December to show all related ANKF/IKYF Chuo administered Shinsa more clearly.
Future dates of upcoming Shinsa will be updated shortly after they are posted on the ANKF website (the annual IKYF/ANKF schedule for the 2014).
This might be helpful for those who are interested to know when and where Shinsas take place during the year.

b)    The deadline of  the application to the 2014 Paris event and the test is the 30th of April, 2014. All the applications must be written correctly and must arrive in time (4/30/2014). This time late applications will not be accepted.   The payment method will be notified as it is decided. 
c)     From the AKR treasurer:  The AOS's seminar fees were paid.
d)    2014 2nd IKYF event Attendees: The tentative numbers of the AKR members who are planning to attend the 2014 2nd IKYF event in Paris are so far 10 (8 from <deleted> and 2 from <deleted>).   The ranks of those members will found shortly.
Yoshiko Buchanan

AKR Update 2014 April edition (IKYF info)

AKR Update, April, 2014
Dear AKR members,
Almost all the AKR members are enjoying spring at this time, I think, but I am afraid many of you may have started suffering from the  seasonal allergy.  I hope they do not suffer too much.  The AKR is happy to send and share the following news to you.  Please distribute the news to all your members . 
Thank you,
AKR office 
1)  From  the AKR
2) From the IKYF
All the application forms of the 2014 IKYF event in Paris (seminar, Taikai and test) will be closed as of today (4/30/2014) and will be sent to the IKYF/ANKF office.
Important!   The revised Taikai guidelines were sent to each countrie.  Please see the attached pdf.   

To: Representatives of IKYF membership federations

Thank you for your corporation on Kyudo matters.

We have revised the implementation guidelines of the Second World Kyudo Taikai (Paris).
Please confirm the revised contents with attached documents.  Also, as we have received following question from several countries, please notice the following point.
Question: What if team competitor(s) gets sick or injured after application deadline and not able to participate the team competition.
Answer: Substitution of competitor is accepted if one cannot participate due to sick or injury.
If such situation happens, please inform to IKYF immediately.

3) From the ANKF
End of the contents.

AKR Update 2014 March Edition (IKYF portion)

AKR Update 2014 March Edition

Dear AKR members,

I hope this edition will find all of you doing well. SCKR and NCKR may still have some trace of winter but the rest of you must be enjoying the spring. Today is the end of the AKR fiscal year of 2013 and I would like to thank the AKR members for your support and dedication to the kyudo activities. There are a few news items to share wit hyou in this month. If you have any questions and /or suggestions please feel free to contact the AKR office.

Yoshiko Buchanan
1) From the AKR

2) From the IKYF

(a) The examination schedule at the Asia Oceania Seminar is announced as follows:

The 13th test: General info:
(b) A final call to confirm all the AKR members goint to the 2014 IKYF Sekai Taikai, Seminar and Shinsa. Please send all your members who definitely will participate in the 2014 IKYF event in Paris. So far the totals are: VKR/9, NCKF/ 2, IKR/1, Brasil/5 and Argentina/1. SoCKR, GKR, SCKR, NCKR and MNKR have no members to participate.
Please send <deleted> sensei the following information; names, rank and yes or no to the participation in the Taikai by April 5th.

(c) The written test in Paris is going to be a take home test as mentioned below in red. The testing candidates will be certainly notified as we receive the information.
Please print out the Shinsa application form from the following URL and each individual who will take the Shinsa should fill it out. Send the original forms to the IKYF secretariay by each Federation / Association.

For Kyui/Godan and Under the form is:
For Shogo/Rokudan and Above the form is:

※ We anticipate the themes of the writing test and answer sheet shoud be sent out at the end of June.

*The implementation guidelines of The Second World Kyudo Taikai and The Third International Kyudo Seminar (in Paris) has been sent on December 12, 2013 by e-mail.

Kyudo seminar in Brazil, July 26, 2014. Beginners welcome!

I Workshop Gaúcho de Kyudô

cartazcomo anunciado anteriormente, teremos em julho o I Workshop Gaúcho de Kyudô em Porto Alegre. O workshop será instruído pelo Yanai sensei (2o. dan) e acontecerá no Solar Palmeiro, na Praça da Matriz, n. 148, em Porto Alegre.
O primeiro dia do evento será no dia 26 de julho, na parte da tarde,  quando acontecerá a instrução básica para os novatos interessados. Logo, não é preciso ter experiência, nem possuir qualquer material para participar.
Esse evento também é um momento muito feliz para a Brasil Kyudo Kai com a oficialização de mais um grupo no país! (^_^)b
 A participação no domingo, segundo dia de workshop, ficará condicionada à presença no sábado.
Para inscrever-se ou obter mais informações, entrem em contato com os organizadores do evento: . Ou então pelo telefone:
Leonardo: (51) 9982-8070; ou
Ayrton: (51) 8131-1740.
Bom treino!

Beginner's first shot program in Vermont in June, 2014!