AKR Update 2013 December edition (IKYF info)

Wising All of You a Peaceful and Joyful Holiday Season
A Very Gracious New Year to Come!

Dear AKR Federation Presidents and Representatives,
This is the last AKR Update in 2013.  I would like to thank the AKR officers, federation presidents, representatives, IKYF directors and all the AKR members for their work and support in 2013.  Kyudo has been seen globally through the internet and there is more interest to study kyudo in both Central and South America.  The AKR instructors have greater responsibility than before.  The IKYF is offering three shogo seminars a year and even opens an opportunity for us to attend the Asia Oceanic Kyudo Seminar.  We are expected to help to improve the quality of Kyudo in the US and to deliver the correct Kyudo foundation to our new kyudo friends overseas.   I would like to support and help the AKR instructors in many ways and hope this AKR Update can be a part of it.
Yoshiko Buchanan, AKR president
Dec. 31, 2013

1)   IKYF Related Events: 
      (a)    <deleted>
      (b)    ANKF test fee revised.  We have to pay a TAX  and the updated fees are as follows:  The listed fees are the copies of the original ANKF information:
               【Current】  【Adjusted】
Seminar Fee          12,000JPY  → 12,300JPY
Shinsa Examination 
                               Shodan 2,000JPY  →  2,050JPY
            Nidan 3,000JPY   3,100JPY 
             Sandan  4,000JPY  →  4,100JPY
             Yondan  5,000JPY  →  5,100JPY
            Godan 6,000JPY  →  6,200JPY
            Rokudan  7,000JPY  →  7,200JPY
            Renshi  6,000JPY  →  6,200JPY
       (c)        <deleted>
  The Asia Oceanic Kyudo Semianr and 2014 Taikai and  Seminar application have been                                  released and the Excel application form is attached.  Please see the file and send it back to <deleted> sensei in time.
                    The test application deadline is:   Jan. 30th, 2014, for the Asia Oceanic Kyudo Seminar and  April 25th, 2014, for the test at the 2014 IKYF Paris Taikai .  Test
                    applications must be signed by the federation president and sent to the AKR president.  The AKR president will compile all the application forms and send them to the
                     ANKF office.  (The IKYF official deadlines are Feb 18th for AOKS and May 13th for the Paris Taikai/Seminar/Shinsa.)
                    Test fees and seminar fees:  Both of the test fees and seminar fees will be paid by the AKR in advance.  The AKR treasurer will caculate the exact amount per person                     after  the actual payment  is done and then he will collect from the individuals.  Please pay to the AKR upon the notice of the amount you owe to the AKR. 



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