AKR Update 2013 June edition (IKYF info)

Dear All,
I hope this will find all of you and your members are doing well and getting ready for attending the up coming seminar in SC.
Here are more information for you.  This update is particularly for the state federation presidents to share the information to your students/members who have assignments at the seminar.    There is a month for those who are assigned to practice their parts.  I would like to ask all the teachers to help them to perform their part as correctly as possible.
4)    IKYF ID#:   The IKYF has issued ID#s based on the AKR roster as of Dec.. 31, 2012.   Those ID#s have been distributed to each federation (president).   I would like to ask all the federation presidents to provide those ID#s to your members.  Actual ID cards will be brought to the seminar by Ms. <deleted> and each federation president will receive the card accordingly.   Needless to say those individual members are responsible to keep their own # for its use, like taking test and other events.
Note: IKYF/ANKF, in general, it charges the renewal fee (1000 yen/year) as long as you keep taking tests (when you take test the ID# should be valid).   However, at this point, the office has not decided how to collect our renewal fees.    Since Ms. <deleted> (in charge of the IKYF/ANKF accounting) is coming to the seminar our renewal fees might be collected during the seminar.
5)    Translator's "Goroku/ phrases" is finished:  <deleted>
This is all for now.  The AKR  office will keep you informed.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Yoshiko Buchanan


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