AKR Update 2013 November edition (IKYF info)

Dear AKR Federation Presidents and  Representatives,
I hope this will find you and your members are doing well.  I am glad to send to you all, the November AKR Update.  There are 10 articles.
(1)  Report on and summary on the 3rd Overseas Special Seminar:  Please see the attached file for details.  It was written based on my notes which is absolutely my understanding.  I tried to be correct and objective to write but there may be some misunderstanding and some description may be miss-leading or obscure.  If you find any question about my writing please feel free to ask.  I will try my best to answer your question.
(2)  2015 seminar location:   <deleted>
(3)  Distributing the "Beginner Instruction Guide Line":  <deleted>
(4)   How to view the target at Makiwara practice:   Many of us do Makiwara practice.  This video explains how to view the target as if you were shooting at 28m on your Makiwara.  It is introduced by Urakami Hiroko sensei in her book and Matsuo sensei (Budo University) has made an instruction video.  We certainly can see it at our Makiwara practice.
(5) Creating examples of the test application forms :  <deleted>

(6) Guideline of posting images:    As I mentioned in the seminar report the IKYF/ANKF office is restricting the posting of photos of the Royal Family members.  While meeting with the officials Miike san (one of them) advised that when we post either individual photos of teachers or group photos we should clarify where the photos were taken. 
(7) 2014 IKYF Taikai and Seminars:     There were meetings between the IKYF/ANKF office and the French representatives but no new information was given officially.
At this point only the date of the Taikai, the 19th and 20th, is definitely decided.  We will be informed as details of the event are decided
(8) 2014 Asia Oceanic Seminar:  The members of the Asia/Oceanic group will definitely be invited to the 2014 seminar in Nagoya again.  However if other IKYF members are invited or not is not definite yet at this point.  The IKYF office is seeking the possibility to invite members from the other regions right now.  We will be informed as it is decided. 

(9) Protocol for Raiki/Shagi and Shahokun recitation:   There was a question about how to conduct the Raiki/shagi and Shahokun recitation.  I always wanted to make sure to conduct this job properly and asked the ANKF office.  They said "The seminar teacher could instruct."  but it did not happen at the <deleted> seminar.  The same question was asked by one of the <deleted> members and I asked the ANKF office again while I was in Tokyo. 
I would like to deliver their answer and my advice as an example that you may apply.
The ANKF office says "Do it with your common sense".  So my advice is that we have to use our common sense.  We have to realize that there is not a "Must do manual".  We have to use our best judgment that we have studied to perform many different areas like recitation, sharei and other taihai. 
So, I think the protocol of recitation is (1) to walk up to the area of the officials then bow to Shomen.  (2) Bow to teachers (teachers are usually lined up on the left side of the assembly)  (2) Advance to the position to sit down.  (3) Call "Seiza" to sit down.  (4) perform Yu then begin recitation. (5) When it is finished perform Yu then call "Kiritsu" to stand up. (5) Back up to the position where  the bow was performed then bow to shomen and teachers.   (6) Return to your position at the line or row of the assembly.
This is a minimum instruction and modification should be added as needed.  We really have to use what we have studied.
(10) Others from the meeting with the ANKF officials:  <deleted>
This is all for now.  I will keep issuing updates possibly monthly.
Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.
Yoshiko  Buchanan
AKR President


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