AKR Update 2014 Janurary edition (IKYF info)

              " HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! "
I hope all of you and your members enjoyed your holidays and getting back to your life in 2014 with cheer.
I have the following:
a) Shogo special Seminar-Nagoya, 2014:   Unfortunately there will be no US shogos at this seminar.
b)  There will be around 21 AKR members who are planning to attend the 3rd Asia Oceania Kyudo Seminar in Nagoya, April 2014.  The dead line of their test application has been closed.   The attendees are: Brasil/2, Mexico/1, NCKF/6, SoCKR/3, SCKR/1 and VKR/8  Good luck to all of the participants!!
c) 2014 Paris Taikai
I would like to share this hotel info. with those who are planning to attend the 2014 KYF Paris Taikai.  (I obtained this info. personally.)
1) Hotel Beauvoir  ☆☆☆  (50 meters away (closest) but small rooms)

2)Hotel Pierre Nicole  ☆☆☆  (5 min)

3) Hotel Novanox  ☆☆☆  (5 min)

4) Hotel des Mines ☆☆ (7 min)
d)    New Test Fee:    The new test fee will be applied from the fiscal year of 2014, which starts from APRIL 1ST OF 2014. Those who take tests in Japan by the end of the 31st of March, 2014 should pay the current test fees.
e)    The test application of the shinsa at the 2014 Asia Oceanic Kyudo Seminar  has been closed.  Good luck with your training to those who try the exam!
As you were already informed the AKR has paid their expenses for their convenience.  Andrew will calculate the individual remittance fee then send an invoice to those who owe to the AKR.  You are requested to remind them to pay the amount that they owe promptly once it is notified by the AKR treasurer.
f)    <deleted>.  I will instruct another seminar in San Paolo, Brazil, in April.
2)    2015 / 2016 IKYF Seminars with the AKR
3)     The Huston Japan Fest:    <deleted>
4)    2013 IKYF Kyudo Seminar - SC examination certificates:
The examination certificates of those who passed the 2013 Shinsa at SC Seminar have been sent.  I hope all the federation presidents received them.  I appreciate it if you simply acknowledge your receipt.  Those certificates are precious and I would like to be sure those certificates reach the students.
5)    2013 AKR Roster:
Jan. 31st, 2014
Yoshiko Buchanan


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