AKR Update 2014 March Edition (IKYF portion)

AKR Update 2014 March Edition

Dear AKR members,

I hope this edition will find all of you doing well. SCKR and NCKR may still have some trace of winter but the rest of you must be enjoying the spring. Today is the end of the AKR fiscal year of 2013 and I would like to thank the AKR members for your support and dedication to the kyudo activities. There are a few news items to share wit hyou in this month. If you have any questions and /or suggestions please feel free to contact the AKR office.

Yoshiko Buchanan
1) From the AKR

2) From the IKYF

(a) The examination schedule at the Asia Oceania Seminar is announced as follows:

The 13th test: http://kyudo.jp/pdf/shinsa/h26/h260413_nagoya_s.pdf General info: http://kyudo.jp/pdf/shinsa/h26/h260413_nagoya.pdf
(b) A final call to confirm all the AKR members goint to the 2014 IKYF Sekai Taikai, Seminar and Shinsa. Please send all your members who definitely will participate in the 2014 IKYF event in Paris. So far the totals are: VKR/9, NCKF/ 2, IKR/1, Brasil/5 and Argentina/1. SoCKR, GKR, SCKR, NCKR and MNKR have no members to participate.
Please send <deleted> sensei the following information; names, rank and yes or no to the participation in the Taikai by April 5th.

(c) The written test in Paris is going to be a take home test as mentioned below in red. The testing candidates will be certainly notified as we receive the information.
Please print out the Shinsa application form from the following URL and each individual who will take the Shinsa should fill it out. Send the original forms to the IKYF secretariay by each Federation / Association.

For Kyui/Godan and Under the form is: http://www.ikyf.org/pdf/ShinsaApplicationFormunder.pdf
For Shogo/Rokudan and Above the form is: http://www.ikyf.org/pdf/ShinsaApplicationFormabove.pdf

※ We anticipate the themes of the writing test and answer sheet shoud be sent out at the end of June.

*The implementation guidelines of The Second World Kyudo Taikai and The Third International Kyudo Seminar (in Paris) has been sent on December 12, 2013 by e-mail.


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