AKR Update 2014 February edition (IKYF info)

AKR Update 2014Feb. Edition

I hope this will find all of the AKR members in good spirits and in good health.
Some of you are still in winter weather but some of you may have spring flowers already.  California (San Jose) finally is having some rain  the last three days.    However, most probably we will have a serious draught this summer. 
1)    From the AKR:
2)    From the IKYF/ANKF:
a)    Chuo Shinsa info.:  For your reference, the Chuo Shinsa Schedule format on the IKYF homepage was updated in December to show all related ANKF/IKYF Chuo administered Shinsa more clearly. http://www.ikyf.org/schedule/schedule.html
Future dates of upcoming Shinsa will be updated shortly after they are posted on the ANKF website (the annual IKYF/ANKF schedule for the 2014).
This might be helpful for those who are interested to know when and where Shinsas take place during the year.

b)    The deadline of  the application to the 2014 Paris event and the test is the 30th of April, 2014. All the applications must be written correctly and must arrive in time (4/30/2014). This time late applications will not be accepted.   The payment method will be notified as it is decided. 
c)     From the AKR treasurer:  The AOS's seminar fees were paid.
d)    2014 2nd IKYF event Attendees: The tentative numbers of the AKR members who are planning to attend the 2014 2nd IKYF event in Paris are so far 10 (8 from <deleted> and 2 from <deleted>).   The ranks of those members will found shortly.
Yoshiko Buchanan


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