AKR Update 2014 April edition (IKYF info)

AKR Update, April, 2014
Dear AKR members,
Almost all the AKR members are enjoying spring at this time, I think, but I am afraid many of you may have started suffering from the  seasonal allergy.  I hope they do not suffer too much.  The AKR is happy to send and share the following news to you.  Please distribute the news to all your members . 
Thank you,
AKR office 
1)  From  the AKR
2) From the IKYF
All the application forms of the 2014 IKYF event in Paris (seminar, Taikai and test) will be closed as of today (4/30/2014) and will be sent to the IKYF/ANKF office.
Important!   The revised Taikai guidelines were sent to each countrie.  Please see the attached pdf.   

To: Representatives of IKYF membership federations

Thank you for your corporation on Kyudo matters.

We have revised the implementation guidelines of the Second World Kyudo Taikai (Paris).
Please confirm the revised contents with attached documents.  Also, as we have received following question from several countries, please notice the following point.
Question: What if team competitor(s) gets sick or injured after application deadline and not able to participate the team competition.
Answer: Substitution of competitor is accepted if one cannot participate due to sick or injury.
If such situation happens, please inform to IKYF immediately.

3) From the ANKF
End of the contents.


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