Congratulations to the new IKYF recognized federations!

Approved at the Paris 2014 general meeting:

New Zealand

Official results of the 2104 Paris World Kyudo Tournament have been posted!

Paris Seikai Taikai - Team Results (updated with some video)

Results of the Second World Kyudo Taikai 

Quarterfinals - 

UK vs Switzerland ---> Switzerland
Romania vs France ----> France
Taiwan vs Germany ----> Germany after 1 shoot-off
Japan vs Sweden ---> Japan after 3 shoot-offs

Semi-finals - 

Switzerland vs France ---> France
Germany vs Japan ----> Japan

3rd Place -
Switzerland vs. Germany ----> Germany 

Finals - 

France vs. Japan

Second Place - FRANCE
First Place - JAPAN 

Congratulations to the winning countries!
From Akos Nagy‎ on facebook:
Bronze match
Germany vs Switzerland
Germany wins Bronze

Paris Sekai Taikai results: Individual

Mudan to sandan
1 st:       Akos Nagy – Hungary
2nd:         Igor Parata – Brazil
3rd:         Isabelle Rosaz – France

Yodan to Godan
1st:         Ryouhei Miyahara – Japan
2nd:         Nobuyuki Mabuchi – Japan
3rd:         Pierre Gassere – France

1st:         Sayuri Fujino – Japan
2nd:         Yumiko Hiranaka – Japan
3rd:         Dominique Inarra – France

Preliminary results, Paris seikai taikai

Looks like team Japan got 10 hits out of 12 but Germany is right behind with 9!  Almost certainly the individual qualifications are using waist numbers.  But hey, maybe a shogo hit 144 arrows!  I read on facebook that to qualify you had to hit at least six arrows for the individual qualification.

IKYF Paris 2014 Second Seikai Taikai Rosters

The participant lists and taikai rosters have been published on the AKR web page:

AKR Update April/May 2014 (IKYF portion)

AKR Update April/May 2014

Dear AKR members,
I hope all of you are enjoying the nice days of  early summer.  This edition covers topics from May through June.  The 2nd Sekai Kyudo Taikai is around the corner and there is important information attached to this edition.  Please see the files and distribute them to your members.  They need this information definitely.  The AKR wishes the very best to the US team and all the participants to the 2014 IKYF event in Paris.
AKR office
1) From the AKR
2) From the IKYF
See the attached files. These files have been delivered to some federations that have members who will attend the 2014 IKYF event in Paris but please make sure to inform them of these files.  I think we can share the written test questions at the test in Paris with all the AKR members.   All the questions certainly require some study, deep and through.  Yondan test is asking about "YU" but Kyudo Kyohon does not explain much about "YU".   Godan through Rokudan questions also require a certain depth of study to write answers.  Since time is given to the students they must study and all the teachers should help their study.  Testing is truly a good opportunity for all of us to brush up our study and to even study deeply and widely.    Teachers:  Please help your students to write their answers.  Participants:  Do not hesitate to ask your teacher about questions and write your answer, good, enough but not too much detail.
These files are all related to the IKYF seminar in Paris and the shinsa.  It includes the questions for the written test and the "Answer Paper" that they must be used.  This is a take home test, so they must write their answer before the test day and submit at seminar registration.
The seminar schedule, English speaking group, is also attached.
3) From the ANKF
The ANKF is offering the test in Paris and the details are attached and mentioned in the IKYF section of this email.