AKR Update for August, 2014.

AKR Update for August 2014

Dear AKR Members,

The AKR office would like to share the following news with you this month. The IKYF event in Paris was successful and is now over and we have a couple of reports from team USA and the participants. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us.

We are thinking about bringing some topics from the Kyudo Magazine to AKR members. Although we cannot post everything, we think some of the articles in the Magazine can be summarized and introduced to you.

The AKR Update is created for all the registered AKR members. Please share it with your members equally. If you have any questions or suggestions to the AKR Update please let us know.


Yoshiko Buchanan
AKR President

From the AKR:

2014 AKR General Meeting and Election:

The AKR officers from 2014 to 2016 are:
  • Yoshiko Buchanan (NCKF) as president

Corrected translation of the new ANKF tournament timing chart is provided

Please use this updated translation (file attached) for your further practice and tournaments in the future. Thank you, Hartman sensei.

Thank you to the French Kyudo federation

Thank you letter to the French Kyudo federation, on behalf of the AKR, was sent to Mrs. Laurence Oriou sensei, president of the Federation de Kyudo Traditionale.

Creating a translation committee group was suggested to the Translation Committee

From the ANKF: 

(Excerpts from the Kyudo Magazine, August edition)

Illegal feather trade

The first ANKF directors meeting reported about their forming an investigation committee of illegally traded feathers of arrows. We believe that this issue does not directly or indirectly affect us at this point but we need to obtain more accurate information about such concern over feathers. You will be informed as we receive further information.

ANKF financial report

The ANKF financial report for fiscal year 2013 was reported at the same meeting. The ANKF closed their treasury of 2013 with a deficit of $152,000 USD.

ANKF Tournament Rules

Supplemental explanation on the revised new "ANKF Tournament Rules" was posted. There are several useful new or changed points and explanations and those points will be informed as soon as translation is done (Kato sensei is in charge.).

Japan Russia budo Exchange

A seminar that is commemorated with the "Japan Russia budo Exchange" was given in June (two day seminar) prior to the Paris Taikai. The Ruusia Kyudo Federation became an IKYF recognized organization at the IKYF meeting in Paris in July. Kyudo started in Russia about 10 years ago and they have kept sending students to the Asia Oceana Kyudo Seminar in Nagoya as well as to EKF seminars. The Russian Kyudo Federation was formed in 2009.

From the IKYF:

Special International Seminars 

The seminar application forms and the detailed information on both the Special International Seminar in Tokyo and in Nagoya has been sent to each federation. Please refer to the provided info. and make sure of the procedure for applications from within the AKR. Deadline : [Tokyo] September 30th (Tue) and [Nagoya] December 28th, 2014 (Sunday). Those who plan to take the Chuo Shinsa (Rokudan, Kyoshi, Nanadan) that will follow the seminars must send their test application forms to the ANKF office two months in advance of the test days. You can check the test schedule at http://www.ikyf.org/schedule/schedule.html

Photos of the IKYF event in Paris 

I would like to share the following photo albums that were created by Alain Scherer (one of the French federation members). The albums are very well done and I would like to thank him for his kindness.

Dear M. President, 
I'm happy to inform you that the whole reportage about 2nd Kyudo Sekai Taikai Paris and IKYF Seminars is now available on my website.
You can see all pictures with the following links:

If you think that some pictures could be useful for the communication or promotion of your federation or any events, please, feel free to contact me for any further information. 
Best regards, 

Directors Meeting

IKYF directors, Maria Peterson and Yoshiko Buchanan, are scheduled to meet Mr. Miike (IKYF office) during the special International Seminar in Tokyo this October. Possible discussion subjects will be:



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