July 2014

Dear All,

The 2014 IKYF Sekai Kyudo Taikai in Paris is now over. I would like to thank the US team , Kevin Lo, Miho Oyasu and Fumiko Takada, for their dedication to represent the AKR. They had a great experience during the event and they will share their valuable study with the AKR members. A few of the event participants have been asked to share their experiences and study with us, too. Such reports will be welcomed by the AKR members.
I would like to express special thanks to Fumiko san for her contribution for attending the IKYF General Assembly Meeting in Paris.
She has provided a report of the meeting. Please see the attached file to find the IKYF GAM (general assembly meeting) discussions and decisions.

AKR Office

From the AKR:
The AKR Board decided and agreed on the following topics during July:

  • New IKYF directors were elected. Maria Peterson sensei and Yoshiko Buchanan will be the IKYF directors for the new term that begins from the 1st of August.
  • The Board agreed on the attendance of Fumiko Takada to the 2014 IKYF General Assembly Meeting that took place on the 17th of July in Paris.
  • The Board agreed on approval of the recognition of the 6 new IKYF member groups (the detail is in the report).
  • The Board agreed on approval of the host country, which is Japan, for the 2018 IKYF Sekai Taikai. (A conference call was held to discuss about selecting the IKYF Directors. <deleted>
The 2014 AKR General Meeting: You will be contacted soon on this matter.  

The document "A guide for taking test in Japan" is now available (see the attached file). It will be posted to the AKR website soon. There are examples of the test application forms. Right now you will see "mushitei", "testing shodan" and "testing sandan". There will be examples of testing godan, renshi and rissha soon. You are requested to keep this document and help your students for taking test in Japan (overseas). If you have questions and suggestions please feel free to ask the AKR office.

From the IKYF:
  • The IKYF GAM report    <deleted>
  • 2018 IKYF Kyudo Sekai Taikai will be held  in Japan.  The host city is TBD.
  • ID renewal fee, 1000 yen per IKYF member ID will be collected in the near future.  (see the report).  The AKR office has to wait for obtaining the official information about when such a fee will be collected.
  • Godan students are included in the Overseas shogo Seminar in Oct. in Tokyo.  The possibility of godan students attending the shogo seminar was mentioned in the GAM report but, since the meeting, it has now been approved.  However, the Renshi test will not be given because the ANKF annual schedule has already been confirmed and fixed.  (this comment is from Mr. Harada, ANKF office manager 7/28/2014)
From the ANKF:
Collection of the Dan-registration fees: The ANKF will collect the Dan-registration fees from the students who passed their exams in Paris. This collection method is applied for the first time in the USA but it has been commonly practiced in Japan. As the AKR is notified of the official test result and the registration fees due, the AKR treasurer will prepay the total to the ANKF then those individuals will be notified to pay their fees to the AKR. The AKR notice will be sent to each state federation president. Once you receive the official information please notify your members to send the amount of their registration fees to the AKR treasurer, <deleted>.
As you will read in the report the ANKF is going to charge a yearly ID renewal fee (1000 yen).  You will be informed of the details as soon as it is decided and notified.
From the Affiliates:
  • Igor Prata won the second place at the 2nd IKYF Kyudo Sekai Taikai (under sandan category)
  • Argentina Kyudo Kyokai will host a seminar in Buenos Aires from Sept. 25 - 27.  Kato Tomio sensei is requested and invited as the instructor as well. 
  • Brasil Kyudo-Kai Rio de Janeiro held another seminar in Porto Alegre in July (25, 26, 27).  According to <deleted> san the group ”Kyudo Kai Gaucho" has established.
  • Owaki sensei instructed a joint practice (20 people attended) in Mexico City.  Many of the students were budo experienced people <deleted>.  Owaki sensei was happy about the students and their sincere attitude to practice.


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