Nice Facebook pages for the annual World Traditional Archery Festival taking place in Korea

Terrific photos from the event: 

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Outstanding feather atlas (For North America) to tell if your feathers are legal or illegal!

h/t to Michael Kennedy for this find!

Malaysia Kyudo Association's gathering in Penang

A short video presentation we did for our recent Malaysia Kyudo Association's gathering in Penang to share. If anyone get a chance to visit Malaysia, you're welcome to train with us 

Congratulations to Poland on 15 years of Kyudo!

15 years ago, Kyūdō made its way to Poland.

Over the course of these fifteen years, thanks to the commitment of a group of enthusiasts, it is steadily strengthening and expanding its presence. This October, we're officially starting our celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of Kyūdō in Poland.

We therefore wish to invite you to the opening ceremony of the Autumn International Kyūdō Workshop, which is scheduled to start on October 25, 2014, at 1 P.M., in the sports hall of Centrum Edukacji i Sportu w Mysiadle (150 meters from Warsaw). The exact address is Kwiatowa 28, Mysiadło.
— at Kwiatowa 28, Mysiadło.

AKR Update September, 2014 edition

AKR Update September, 2014
Hello AKR members, I hope all of you have been well.   I have some interesting 
articles this month again.  The weather is getting cooler and nice for practice. 
You may have demonstrations at some events.  Enjoy pretty weather and shooting.
Yoshiko Buchanan 
AKR President
From the AKR:
From the ANKF: (excerpts from the Kyudo Magazine, Sept.edition)
1)    Report on the 2nd Kyudo Sekai Taikai, Paris:
Japan was determined to win this year.  They had 10 hits out of 12 shots, which allowed Japan to advance to the final group.  However as they started the 1st round of the final with Sweden Sweden shot very well.  Japan was 2 hits behind.  By the time they finished 12 arrows, Sweden and Japan were tied.  Both countries went through Izume and finally Japan defeated Sweden.  According the spectators it was a quite exciting.  Germany vs. Japan (a semi final match) resulted in 4 to 0 and the final match between France and Japan was 6 to 8.

2)    The 27th Junior Special Budo Seminar:
This seminar for junior high school students is offered every year during summer break. 301 students attended this year which is a larger kyudo population than the AKR.  For those junior students it was a great chance to study kyudo from hanshi teachers. 

3)    How to overcome "Hayake by the late Morikawa sensei: 
The Kyudo magazine is re-introducing old articles every month that are useful for our kyudo study.  The Sept. edition is carrying an instructional article that was written by the late Morikawa Masaru (hanshi kyudan).  He is writing about his experience of his Hayake and how he overcame it.  Also he is kindly advising how not to become Hayake and recovery training if you do become Hayake.  It is a very good article and I am hoping to have it translated into English. 

4)    An essay for Kyoshi test "What kind of training is necessary to improve Shahin and Shakaku" was introduced.
From the IKYF:
1)    The result of the test in Paris: 
The IKYF has sent out the results of the Paris test and the registration fees.  Please see the attached pdf.  The AKR treasurer, Andrew Platzer, will notify the federations that have member(s) who passed their test in Paris.  They have to pay their registration fees.  Please pay the amount to the AKR as soon as you are notified.

2)     Special International Seminars:
The application to the Special International Seminar / Tokyo is closed and the application form has been sent to the IKYF office.  There will be 4 AKR members who will attend this seminar; (<deleted> and Yoshiko Buchanan (renshi rokudan).
The deadline of the Special International Seminar in Nagoya is December 28th, 2014 (Sunday).   Send your application (by federation) to <your federation president> in time.
Those who plan to take the Chuo Shinsa (Rokudan, Kyoshi, Nanadan and Hachidan) that will follow the seminars must send their applications to the ANKF office two months in advance.  You can check the test schedule at The AKR deadline is Nov. 25th, 2014.  Send your test application form to Yoshiko Buchanan in time.
3)  <deleted> 
From the  Affiliates:
1)    The South American Kyudo Seminar took place in Buenos Aires from the 24th of Sept. to the 28th.   Kato Tomio sensei instructed the seminar (Unfortunately I had to cancel my participation due to illness.).  Kato sensei will make a report on the event in the Oct. edition.

2)    Kyudo-kai Panama will have their first kyudo seminar on Jan., 2015.   Mie Takahashi sensei (KAC) is invited as the instructor.

Nice article of a British citizen attending the international seminar!

Mato rings from bamboo steamers!

What a clever idea.