2015 IKYF European seminar and shinsa dates are given on the Swiss Federation web site

Just for the record, Here is the official information from the Swiss web site about the 2015 IKYF seminar.  That web site should be considered the single official source of information about the seminar no matter what rumors or other information you may hear.  I'm not saying that the information you hear is wrong I'm just saying that if you want the latest official information then go to the Swiss web site.

As published on the Swiss federation website (kyudo.ch) ... IKYF Séminaire et Shinsa en Europe:

11-13 juillet: C1 (English) - mudan, shodan; 14 juillet: shinsa 15-17 juillet: B1 (English) - nidan, sandan; 18 juillet: shinsa 19-21 juillet: A (English) - yondan, godan, shogo; 22 juillet: shinsa
23-25 juillet: B2 (français) - nidan, sandan; 26 juillet: shinsa
27-29 juillet: C2 (français) - mudan, shodan; 30 juillet: shinsa



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