AKR Update, November 2014 edition

From the AKR:
1)    Reports on the  IKYF  Seminar in Paris:  <deleted>

2)    There is a proposal from the AKR office for a national kyudo tournament.  <deleted>

3)    AKR website lead editor wanted!!   <deleted>
4)    Creating a translation committee group was suggested to the Translation Committee. There was a good and competent interpreters group at the 2013 Seminar in SC. If the AKR had a group of such competent and dedicated interpreters there could be even more translations to create more useful information for AKR members. Such a group could contribute their work to the AKR website also. We look forward to hearing from the committee in the near future.  
5)    The 2014 AKR membership renewal:  It is already time to start thinking about the AKR membership renewal.   The deadline is December 31, 2014.  There were a couple of delays (the last renewal was in  March).  Please make sure to complete your renewal and the payment of the dues in time.   Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.
 From the ANKF: (excerpts from the Kyudo Magazine, Sept.edition)
3)    How to overcome "Hayake" by the late Morikawa sensei: <deleted>(NCKFhas volunteered to translate this article for us.  It will take time since this is 6 page instruction.  I hope you will enjoy the article once it is translated.  He will probably divide the article in to 2 to 3 parts.
The Kyudo magazine is re-introducing old articles every month that are useful for our kyudo study.  The Sept. edition is carrying an instructional article that was written by the late Morikawa Masaru (hanshi kyudan).  He is writing about his experience of his Hayake and how he overcame it.  Also he is kindly advising how not to become Hayake and recovery training if you do become Hayake.  It is a very good article and I am hoping to have it translated into English.  
From the IKYF:
1)    Report on the meeting with Mr. Miike/IKYF   Please see the attached file.
3)    Report on the Special International Seminars Tokyo:  <deleted>
4)    ID renewal:  It is on going.  As of 11/24 the ID renewal is almost done.  I would like to thank <deleted> sensei for collecting the lists from the federations and arranging them for sending to the IKYF.  Please submit your renewal in time.   There will be some more AKR new members in 2015.  Those new members who wish to attend seminars in 2015 can obtain their ID when they apply for the events.  Details of ID application in 2015 for new members will be guided by the IKYF office accordingly (confirmed 11/24).
5)    UPCOMING IKYF SEMINARS in 2015:   Special Shogo seminar in Feb., 2015,  Asia-Oceania Kyudo Seminar in April, 2105 and IKYF/EKF seminar in July/2015,  IKYF/AKR seminar in July, 2015 (tentative)
From the  Affiliates:
1)    seminars in the affiliated countries:
Paraguay and Brasilia seminar report <deleted>

Following the Buenos Aires Seminar the Brasil Kyudo Kai offered and instructed another seminar in Paraguay and Brasilia, report from <deleted>.
<deleted> (renshi godan/SoCKR) conducted and instructed a seminar in Mexico during the weekend of the 15th.   He has been residing in Mexico for his business for some time  and has begun helping some kyudo friends in Mexico.  <deleted>
2)   Kyudokai Panama will have their first\kyudo seminar on Jan., 2015.   Mie Takahashi sensei (KAC) is invited as the instructor.


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