AKR Update, October 2014 edition

IKYF ID Renewal

Remember to send out your request for IKYF renewal.

The IKYF is requesting that IKYF members renew our IDs. This is based on a decision that was made at the IKYF General Assembly Meeting in Paris in July, 2014.
I would like to know if you want to renew your ID or not. Please read the attached IKYF info (pdf) that will help you to make your make decision. Pay special attention to the "A to E" categories in the PDF file that is attached to this email.  This renewal is valid from Jan. 2015 to Dec. 2015.

Please note the following reminder for future events that you may be interested in participating in as they will require IKYF membership:
  1. Membership in the AKR is required to obtain an IKYF ID #. New members joining the AKR in 2014 must be recorded as AKR members by the 31st of Dec., 2014 in order to be eligible to obtain an IKYF ID #. But, even if you do not renew your IKYF ID you can still be an NCKF/AKR member. IKYF membership is optional.
  2. Those AKR members who plan to take a shinsa in Japan MUST have an IKYF ID #.
  3. Those AKR members who plan to attend the 2015 AKR/IKYF kyudo seminar in South Carolina MUST have an IKYF ID #. (Basically, you have to have a valid ID to attend any official event or test.)
Yoshiko Sensei and <deleted> will work on this renewal. Please choose one of A, B,C,D,E as your decision and then email Yoshiko Sensei and <deleted> about your decision by November 15th. 


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