Discover Kyoto produced a nice tourism video for Coming Of Age Day at Sanjusangendo temple.

Published on Feb 28, 2014
In Japan, turning 20 is a big deal for most young people. It's the year when society welcomes them into adulthood. Seijin no hi (Coming Of Age Day) is celebrated in the second week of January, and is usually celebrated with big ceremonies and parties. Young girls who attended the O-mato Taikai festival at Sanjusangen-do festival, celebrated their 'Seijin no hi' in a very interesting way.

Young girls from all over Japan gathered at the temple to participate in an archery display. Archery in Japan was one of the disciplines practiced by the Samurai during the feudal times. Dressed in their Haregi Kimonos, girls shoot their arrows into a target 60meters away. The girls looked beautiful and strong, no doubt it was a memorable and exciting way to celebrate their special day.

Beautiful flyer for the upcoming (next week!) kyudo seminar in Santiago, Chile.