AKR Update, 2015 March edition

March 2015

From the AKR:

1) International Kyudo Federation American Seminar (http://sckyudo.com/) takes place from the 27th to the 29th in July, 2015. The SCKR is now providing the seminar info. The cover letter has the basic important information including the following. Please note a couple of reminders:

    (1) The federation president and affiliated groups are requested to compile the IKYF “Seminar Excel application form” and to submit the total applicants from the federation. The excel application form has been distributed by Blackewell sensei this month.
    (2) The SCKR is accepting your shipping of equipment. Please make sure to ship your equipment to the following address:

Aaron Blackwell-National Kyudo Seminar 2015

South Carolina Upstate University

800 University Way

Spartanburg, SC 29303

Contact: TEL:864-503-5000 Email: info@uscupstate.edu(Please remember to bring return shipping papers)
Website: https://www.uscupstate.edu/about_upstate/

Seminar:    July 27th to the 29th, 2015 (Mon through Wed)Banquette:    July 27th (Mon) (It has been changed from the 28th)AKR Taikai:    July 28th (Tue) The taikai schedule is ready now. Please see the attachment for your participation. The dead line is June 15th.AKR Board Meeting:    July 29th (Wed)Shinsa:    July 30th (Thu) SEE the “From the ANKF” section for the new shodan category. Shinsa application form site:
I would like to advise everyone that all the testing applicants are planning to fly out late that evening due to the shinsa schedule. If your flight schedule is tight you may miss either your test or the flight.Seminar cost: $390 (venue, food and insurance, accommodation is not included)

2) 2015 Seminar T-Shirts are ready!! Information will be sent and an order form will be distributed separately. Thanks to <deleted> (NCKF) for designing and managing this AKR fundraiser T-shirt sale. This year’s color is burgundy and the price is $15. There are men’s sizes and women’s sizes available. We are looking forward to receiving many orders. Thank you!

The AKR seminar logo was created with the help of <deleted> (NCKF). We are allowed to use the IKYF logo for the seminar signs, seminar T-shirts and documents.
3) The Asia Oceania Kyudo seminar is coming up!! The dorm rooms have been assigned by the IKYF organizers. Please ask your president about the assignment and find which dorm you will be staying in. Wishing all of you good luck and all the best.

From the ANKF:

1) Shodan shinsa category.

The AKR has received the following explanation about the “Shodan shinsa” category. The ANKF has offered the “Mushitei” shinsa until the AKR 2013 seminar however, as of today, the ANKF will no longer offer Mushitei at “CHUO SHINSA”s (translator’s note: Examinations directly governed by the ANKF, for example all Shinsas in the US are classified as “Chuo shinsa”.)
As the “Shodan Shinsa” was offered both in Nagoya in April and also in Europe in July, 2014, the ANKF has decided to offer Shodan Shinsa to the US Shinsa in 2015.
The shinsa information in 2013 indicated “Mushitei” however, this year’s shinsa information indicates “Shodan Shinsa”. (from other email from the ANKF: result of the shinsa will be pass or fail. There will be no “kyu” rank given.)
The shinsa application form that you will find on the ANKF website has a “Mushitei “selection but this indication is for ANKF domestic (in Japan) test applications. We apologize for the negligence of an explanation on this matter in advance. Your understanding is highly appreciated. (Feb. 16, 2015 Miike/IKYF)
(from the ANKF office, Feb. 17, 2015)
Writing the shinsa application form: Except the “Katakana writing” writing the form in English is recommended. It must be hand written by the testing candidate (copied form is not accepted. translator’s note). Additional note like “rissha” and others could be written for the candidates (in Japanese).








審 査申込書の記入については、今すぐとは申しませんが、氏名のカタカナ以外は英語でも結構ですので、今後の申込みついては受審されるご自身でご記入いただけ れば幸いです。 補足事項(立射、その他)などがある場合は、日本語で代筆いただければと考えております。 事務局:三池 2/17/2015

2) Permission for translation has been asked to the ANKF. As of the 31st of Jan 2015 there is no response from the ANKF.

From the IKYF:

1) About IKYF ID to attend the 2015 KYF/US seminar

This article is to answer the question that was brought up by one of the AKR members this month. The question was asking if a member who does not have an IKYF ID can attend the IKYF/US seminar and also if the participant needs an ID even if he is not testing.

The answer is YES. Everyone who attends IKYF events (AOS, IKYF/US and IKYF/EU) needs his/or her ID. However, first time attendees, those who have not yet obtained an ID and those who resume their AKR membership but VALID ID at the time of their event applications; such people will be registered by the IKYF and will be given their IDs or IDs will be renewed after the dead line of the event application.

New IDs will be notified to the countries of the applicants. ID cards will be distributed during the events and the ID card recipients must pay the fee. Each country is responsible to collect the fees. Further details will be sent after the application is closed.

The validity of the ID is January to December of the year. Those who obtain or renew at this seminar time will carry their ID from April to Dec., 2015, which is shorter than the standard duration, will need to renew their IDs for 2016 if they need to. Your understanding is appreciated.




セ ミナー申込時には申込書のID記入欄は空欄で結構です。 セミナー申込〆切後に、こちらでID登録をいたします。 新規ID番号(ID発行者)については、各国あてへ連絡をいたします。 セミナー期間中に、IDカードを配布いたしますので、各国事務局は更新料を取り纏めてお支払いください。詳細については、セミナー〆切後に連絡させていた だきます。




2) UPCOMING IKYF SEMINARS in 2015: 2015 IKYF American Seminar: See “From the AKR” on the first page. The AKR Kyudo Taikai info has been put up (see the attachment).

3) 2015 and IKYF/EKF seminar in July/2015

Both the seminar and the test application are closed. There will be 2 members from Brasil Kyudokai and two members from the VKR to attend this IKYF/EKF seminar.

New Checking in bows and quivers when flying seems to be getting tougher and tougher year by year. One of the AKR members who left for Japan to attend the AOS had to unpack her bow package at the UA check-in counter. She had to buy two boxes to make a long enough package for the bow. It made an extra expenditure of $200 on top of the over-size charge.

It is not a bad idea to ask the airlines that you use about the latest rules of check-in baggage and their oversize rules in advance.

From the EKF: There is no news this month.

From the Affiliates:

1) New Brasil Kyudo-Kai helped kyudo friends of both Paraguay and Chile . 

Mr. Yanai instructed the seminars in Paraguay and Chile. A couple of kyudo friends are planning to come to the IKYF/US seminar in July. I would like to announce that Mr. Yanai and his wife have decided to return to Japan after so many years of making their efforts to build a bridge between Brasil and Japan. Kyudo is one of his dreams to introduce to his friends in Brasil. Thanks to his sincere efforts a kyudo link is developing among Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.

I would like to send him my heartfelt gratitude and wish the very best for his future life in Japan.


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