AKR Update, January 2015 Edition

The Jan benkyokai has been moved to the 28th of Feb. The topic will be "What is Budo".

From the AKR:

1) IKYF/AKR seminar in late July, 2015 (tentative, as of 1/31/15)
The SCKR is almost finished with the final info on the 2015 IKYF/AKR Kyudo Seminar.

PLACE:   South Carolina Upstate University
                800 University Way
                Spartanburg, SC 29303
Seminar: July 27th to the 29th (Mon through Wed)
Shinsa: July 30th
Banquette: July 28th

2015 AKR Board Meeting: TBD

AKR Taikai: TBD

I would like to advise everyone that all the testing applicants are planning to fly out late that evening due to the shinsa schedule. If your flight schedule is tight you may miss either your test or the flight.

Seminar cost: You will be informed as soon as the IKYF has decided. You will receive the final seminar information separately.

Seminar T-shirts: 2015 IKYF/AKR Kyudo seminar T-shirts will be available. You will receive the image of the T-shirts and an order form as soon as the design is created.

2) The Asia Oceania Kyudo is closed. I am pleased to announce that there are members of the AKR and affiliated countries who will take the shinsa at the 4th Asia Oceania Kyudo Seminar in Nagoya in April, 2015.

However the fact is that there are some application forms still on the way or, have not yet been prepared as of the 30th of Jan. (deadline). Unfortunately this is always the case, which causes of delay of the AKR office job. I would like to alert you that it is very important to send in applications (seminar and test) in time. The ANKF is strict about the dead line and if your test application form does not reach there by the deadline your application will not be accepted. So far I have recognize a couple of the state federations that have been preparing application forms well and also on time. I appreciate that.

3) 2015 AKR Roster: Thanks to your cooperation and the hard work of <deleted> sensei of the AKR.

4) Creating an AKR annual tournament: There is a proposal from the AKR office for a national kyudo tournament. <deleted> sensei has updated his idea to begin discussion for all of you:
Since there has not been any response from my e-mail, I have drafted some quick ideas. I will come up with more ideas with my assistant.

AKR Taikai (Competition and Recording) Plan. Draft 12/28/14 <deleted>

The committee will provide an Excel sheet for keeping records and competition rules. Events should occur twice a year such as: (Spring and Fall) or (Spring and AKR seminar Taikai).
  • 8 arrows competitions.
  • No practice before competition except for makiwara.
  • Observers will record the results and archers will verify and sign. 
  • Rules will be based on AKR competition requirements 
The committee will recommend US team members for international events, based on the records from the competition

I would like to ask you to pay attention to the idea and bring up your thoughts. Please contact <deleted> sensei and share your ideas. Your participation in the project will provide you with a different type of training and this chance is very much welcomed and appreciated.

5) AKR website lead editor wanted!! <deleted>

6) Creating a translation committee group was suggested to the Translation Committee.

There was a good and competent interpreters group at the 2013 Seminar in SC. If the AKR had a group of such competent and dedicated interpreters there could be even more translations to create even more useful information for AKR members. Such a group could contribute their work to the AKR website also. We look forward to hearing from the committee in the near future.

From the IKYF: 

1) US State federation info update (from the AKR Secretary).

Hello All, This is your friendly reminder email.

Yesterday was the suggested deadline for submitting your updates for the IKYF website.

If you have already sent in your changes, that's great!  If you have not responded one way or the other, please let me know if you will or will not have any changes so I will know if I should wait for your information.  

Thank you all for helping to get this done.

Regards,  <deleted>

Thank you very much <deleted> sensei for taking care of the update of the state federation info.

This short note is to all the state federations.  If you wish to change or add photos please send a replacement photo (1 or 2)  to me. It needs to be sent separately from the organizational info to the IKYF office, so I, Yoshiko Buchanan, will take care of this part.  However I cannot guarantee if the IKYF office uses all the photos the way you wish.

2)    No Renshi and Rokudan shinsa in overseas:  The ANKF executive Committee has decided not to open both renshi and rokudan tests in overseas.  The official notice is as follows (in italic)

Mrs. Yoshiko Buchanan, President of AKR,  Mr. Tryggvi Sigurdsson, President of EKF,

Thank you for your continuous support.  For a long time, you have been expressing a desire to have Renshi and Rokudan exams at the Special Shinsa that will be held during the 2015 Overseas Seminar. The ANKF Executive Committee has examined this subject and decided that the 2015 Special Shinsa categories will be from Shodan to Godan.  However, since a large number of affiliated countries Presidents are wishing to have Renshi and Rokudan exams  with Overseas Seminars, the ANKF promises to reexamine this subject in the future. Thank you for your understanding.  

Takeo Ishikawa,  President of All Nippon Kyudo Federation. (12/25/2014)

A Rokudan shinsa was enthusiastically requested by the European Kyudo Federation however the AKR emphasized that the ANKF could revive the Renshi shinsa in the near future.  

From the NCKF: 


From the Affiliates:

1) Kyudokai Panama has finished their first seminar instructed by Mie Takahashi sensei very successfully. The members of Lyudo-Kai Panma sent their AKR sincere gratitude for our support.

2) The IKYF website has an introduction of all the IKYF member federations and the affiliates
(http://ikyf.org/ikyf_members.html). “Colombia” is listed as non-affiliated country. However the IKYF has removed some unverified information about the group as of 12/28/2014.


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