AKR Update 2015, May edition.

From the AKR:

1 )The 2015 IKYF/American Kyudo Seminar application has been closed.Thank you very much Blackwell sensei and the members of the SCKR for working on the application that is, in fact, a hard part of organizing the seminar. The seminar info still remains the same. Please visit International Kyudo Federation American Seminar (http://sckyudo.com/)

    a) Seminar teachers have been decided.
  • Nakatsuka Shoichiro sensei (Head teacher, Tokyo) 
  • Ogura Masaki sensei (Ohita-ken)
  • Ozawa Michiharu sensei (Saitam-ken) 
They are all hanshi hachidan.
b) <deleted>

    d) For the AKR Board Meeting on the 29th:

NEW The AKR Board members are requested to send topics that you wish to discuss at the meeting to the AKR secretary <deleted> Curran sensei at <deleted>.

    e) The written test questions will be given to all the testing candidates in advance in June.
This is a take home test and all the candidates must write their answers before they leave home and turn it in at the seminar registration. The languages that are used to write answers are Japanese and English. Enough time is given to the candidates to write their answers and translate them into English. Other languages that could be used are Sapnish. (ANKF comment)

    f) ORDER NOW!! 
Do not miss this chance to obtain kyudo equipment. Please place orders as soon as you can, so that Takahasi Kyugu can ship many of the items in advance. The items he can carry is quite limited. Thank you for your understanding.

2) AKR PayPal Account 
The AKR Treasurer's Proposal for an AKR PayPal Account was also brought to Yoshiko Buchanan Sensei's attention by <deleted> who can provide more information if we need it when this topic comes up for discussion. This proposal is in discussion and will be voted on soon. It was approved unanimously. You will be notified by the AKR treasurer when the occasions occur.

3) The NCKF now has a 4th dojo, the Redwood Dojo that is led by Maria Peterson sensei.

She is building a full size dojo in the redwood forest in La Honda, CA. Her dojo has been recognized by the NCKF Board in May. It is a wonderful thing to see such kyudo development in the US. 


From the ANKF:

1) Visiting the ANKF Office: Yoshiko Sensei would like to report the following:

I was in Japan from the 15th of May until the 1st of June. It was a good thing that I visited the ANKF office and talked to the ANKF officials in person. They were kind and open to discuss matters that are related among the ANKF/IKYF/AKR. I saw <deleted> who is always helpful at the seminars as an interpreter. It is good to see at least one English/French speaking person regularly working for the ANKF office, which is quite a difference from that of the office of 20 years ago.

    a) The eligibility to test Kyoshi has been changed. 
錬 士取得後2年、且つ六段取得 後一年を経過した者(March 5th, 2015) The new eligibility is that “Those who have passed fully 2 years after obtaining “Renshi” and also fully one year after rokudan. This new rule is applied from the Fukuoka Teiki Chuo Shinsa of the fiscal year of 2015.

    b) The ANKF written test question has been officially provided. They had been sent separately to all the state federation presidents, directors and the kyudo friends of the affiliated countries on the 2nd of June.

    c) The issue of “feathers for fletching” has been solved. 
How to handle the arrows that have fletching with eagle and hawk feathers will be specified. The IKYF/ANKF is more careful about obtaining and owning the feathers that are prohibited by the Washington Treaty. We will be notified of the details when the English version of the notice is ready.

I would like to ask <deleted> sensei for explanation about this issue and receive advice at the seminar. (In fact there are several pages of documents that explain about the incident. The ANKF office seems to have difficulty to inform everything about this issue in English but I am confident that the will inform us and help us to buy and keep arrows without violating the treaty.)

    d) <deleted>

2) Congratulations to Takako sensei! 

Takako Swain sensei moved to Kumamoto-ken almost two years ago and joined the Kumamoto-ken Kyudo Renmei. She was recommended to Kyoshi by the KKR and Kyoshi-Go was granted to her. She, her teacher and students of the IKR must be very happy. The AKR expressed their congratulations on her promotion.

3) Permission for translation has been asked to the ANKF.

According to the ANKF officials they will permit us to work on the articles of the Kyudo Magazine. Due to the copyrights of each article we are not allowed to create complete translations of the articles but “Summary of articles” is allowed. How we summarize is the question but there many capable AKR bilingual members who are willing or interested in translating and contributing their work to the AKR. If that works it would be very helpful to the AKR members to deepen their study.

From the IKYF:

1) IKYF ID: 
The ID cards for those who first attend the IKYF/American seminar in July , 2015 have been issued. Those ID cards will be distributed at the seminar registration by the SCKR. The validity of this card is until the end of 2015 and the fee is $9. Please pay the fee at the seminar registration.

From the Affiliates:

1) Kyudo Kai Chile and Kyudokai Austacion – Paraguay will have a joint kyudo seminar in July (2 – 10).

Yoshiko Sensei has been invited to instruct the seminar and humbly accepted their invitation. Those two counties will send their member(s) to the 2015 IKYF/American Kyudo Seminar. As noted in the preface of this edition Yoshiko Sensei will focus on their basic conduct of shooting to perform the ANKF Shinsa Keisiki. Okabe san (godan/Argentina) will join to help the seminar.


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