AKR Update 2016, March edition.

From the AKR:

 1) 2016 is an AKR officer election year:   

Since the fiscal year of 2016 begins from the 1st of April it is probably a good time to announce that the current AKR office has decided to serve until the end of this term. I have been helped and supported by my officers tremendously and without <deleted> sensei, <deleted> sensei and  <deleted> I could not have done my job. There are some things that I intended to improve but could not accomplish. I think the new officers will have some ideas to improve the AKR administration with new and different ideas like having conference calls more frequently.

I would like to remain as one of the two IKYF directors/Madoguchi since it is a four year term of duty and there are two more years to go. However, I will be happy to cooperate with the other director continuing the way it has been. I also will be happy to make a smooth transition to the new AKR office. The AKR administration has been busy and needs a good coordination with the secretary and treasurer.

I would like to ask you to begin thinking about building a new AKR office. I truly had a wonderful office with the officers and I am so grateful for their efforts to work with me.

Personally I would like to have <deleted> sensei for a new AKR president and I have asked if she would but she declined. I believe in the strength of the AKR members once they start carrying out their duties.

I would like to thank all the AKR members and the members of the affiliated countries. Even though I will become just a member of the AKR I will be happy to work with the fellow affiliates and I look forward to visiting them again in the future.


3) The AKR Board is descussing about buying a liability insurance (accident and D & O) policy.
This subject has been ongoing. I hope the AKR Board will include “Liability insurance” which directly benefit to the AKR members. It seems to be self centered to buy just D&O (directors and officers) insurance for the AKR Board and Office by the AKR fund that is the financial resource of the AKR members.. Please discuss with your members about this issue thoroughly before you vote.

<deleted> the AKR has realized that that the AKR had been unguarded against any legal liabilities and threats. Also it is good to have our own liability insurance for accidents. Bows and arrows are projectile weapons basically. Even though the study of the way of the bow is to become a gentleman no one can predict accidents<deleted>. One time an arrow went through the window of the “Kanteki” in Japan and hit a student who was inside the Kanteki and watching the shajo. 

Kyudo is not a combat budo, so it is hard to think the Kyudo training breaks our bones but it is possible that we may be hit or we may hit somebody. The AKR has been fortunate that they have had 19 seminars without any serious accidents. I believe that buying such a liability insurance can benefit all of the AKR members.
4) 2015 AKR Roster: 
Should be done by now!  The final roster has not been announced yet by the AKR secretary.  If you have not sent your roster please cooperate with the AKR secretary and the treasurer to submit.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Jannette sensei is working hard to collect the information  from all the AKR federations.  Your cooperation is greaty appreciated and please do not forget to send the dues to the AKR treasurer.
It is time to update the AKR roster.  The info and the details of the procedure have been notified by the AKR secretary.  Please read the note carefully and submit the roster + dues payment in time.  You are requested to send the IKYF ID renewal fees ($9 per person) together with the AKR dues.   Note:  This AKR Roster update is co-managed with the IKYF ID renewal, so please pay extra attention to submit those different applications.
5) 2016 IKYF/AKR seminar update: 
visit www.mnkyudo.org and MNKR Facebook
The AKR has received the official notice on the 2016 IKYF/AKR seminar in Minnesota.
Here is the info from the MNKR for you to read. The seminar/Test information will be updated by the organizer, so please pay attention to both the MNKR web site and the AKR website as well. 

I am pleased to invite you all to the 2016 International Kyudo Federation American Seminar. The 3-day general seminar will take place July 18th - 20th, with a rank examination on July 21st. We will once again be hosting the seminar at Carleton College in Northfield, MN Please see the attached letter of invitation and official announcements from the IKYF for the details. All seminar information is also available on our website at:http://www.mnkyudo.org/2016-ikyf-seminar/ The cost for this 3-day seminar will be $410. While the planning committee wanted to keep the fee the same as last year, the IKYF insisted on raising the price to account for some of their costs.

We are also trying to see if we can arrange for an enteki exhibition event, but it will depend on weather and if we can get the college to let us use the fields behind the Rec Center to do this (so far, so good!). Stay tuned for more info about that!

As more information becomes available, we will be posting update to our website and our MNKR Facebook page.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those from outside the MNKR who volunteered to be on the 2016 Seminar Planning Committee, they have already been tremendously helpful and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the upcoming months.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in Minnesota this July!
Carly J Born
Minnesota Kyudo Renmei


6)  Creating an AKR annual tournament:  

<deleted> sensei and the AKR member have been discussing a possible tournament styles and procedure. Thank you both of you for taking your time to create a national tournament. Once the outline of the idea is finalized it should be presented to the AKR Board for approval. All of the AKR members are welcome to introduce your ideas. Please contact <deleted>.

We look forward to hear from <deleted> sensei about the tournament plan(s).
Finally there were a couple of suggestions from one of the AKR members. He has good experience of tournament in Japan and his student as well. I asked <deleted> sensei to talk with this person and obtain ideas for further research to create tournaments in the US.
(This topic was unfortunately missed from the AKR Board meeting agenda. However the result of the taikai has been recorded and this record will be helpful when we need to select US team members for the 2018 IKYF Taikai in Japan. )

7) Dojo-Biraki (Grand opening) of the Redwood Dojo will be held on the May 29th of 2016.
<deleted> sensei’s private dojo will be completed soon and she will celebrate the dojobiraki with her friends. Congratulations!!
8)   Creating a translation committee group:   This has been no challengers or volunteers yet (2/29/2016).
Volunteers wanted! The committee should be able to plan to ask those volunteers to contribute their translation skill and post some articles from the Kyudo Magazine in the future. It will help to make the AKR website more informative and useful. If you are interested in translating articles please contact Yoshiko Buchanan at 

According to the ANKF officials they will permit us to work on the articles of the Kyudo Magazine. Due to the copyright of each article we are not allowed to create complete translations of the articles but “Summary of articles” is allowed. How we summarize is the question but there are many capable AKR bilingual members who are willing or interested in translating and contributing their work to the AKR. If that works it would be very helpful to the AKR members to deepen their study.


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