Written test questions for IKYF/US seminar in Minnesota are available.

Sent: Monday, July 04, 2016 1:14 AM
Subject: Fw: American Shinsa: Written Exam Procedure / Questions

Dear All,
I am forwarding you the attached documents on the written test at the IKYF/US seminar in Minnesota.
Please make sure to distribute this important information to your members/students who are attending the seminar and taking tests.  Please read them carefully and pay attention the followings.
1)    Confirm your "Tachijun/No. of your shooting order".  It is listed the attachment of Shinsa numbers.
2)    You have two questions and two answer sheets for each question; the question #1 and #2.   Both of handwriting or word processing are accepted.
2)    You should turn in your answer sheet at the registration on the 17th (Not the 18th,  three of the documents say  "hand it in at registration on the first day of the seminar, which is the 18th.) 
Best wishes,
Yoshiko Buchanan, AKR president

Dear all,
I have received a response from Mr. Tobe (ANKF) about the languages that you can use. It is basically either English or Japanese as you have been notified already.
Therefore those who are not familiar with writing in English or Japanese should write your answers in your mother tongue first then get your writings TRANSLATED IN TO EITHER ENGLISH OR JAPANESE. Please submit your original answer sheets that are written in your mother tongue together with the translated answer sheets.
Best wishes,
Yoshiko Buchanan, AKR President


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